Google Brings Exciting New Updates to Search

Google introduced generative AI to search as it brings new exciting updates to Google Searches. the company announced in its annual I/O event on May 10, 2023. Search has been an integral part of Google, and with the integration of AI, it is promised to become even more powerful. 

Google Brings Exciting New Updates to Search

New generative AI will make Search smarter and simpler, with specific search results, that will help users in research with fresh and relevant results. Google also emphasized making the search experience in more conversational model to understand the full intent of a user on the web. Google search will also provide follow-up questions for queries to better understand the intent and provide the best results. 

Google Search will now include AI Powered snapshots, search will also allow users to see links for top 3 most relevant results, it can further be expanded to view more search results. The new updated Search will allow users to search & buy directly from Google page, interestingly, it was also revealed in a Google shopping graph that 1.8 million new updates were provided hourly. Google search page will also be able to provide quizzes, access Social Media posts, and create groups.

The company also launched the AI chatbot PaLM 2 in preview.  Google search with generative AI is able to organize search results to give specific answers to the queries followed by regular and relevant search results on the Google page.

Google also launched Search Labs which will be available in Google Labs along with some other experiments and will be available for users in the US to register from 10 May 2023.

Google search is one of the most crucial parts of the organization and now integration with AI will only make it more powerful in the future. It is only certain that in the coming days search will be getting even more advanced, and what was presented at the event was just a glimpse of exciting new updates for Google searches.

Source: Google I/O Youtube Livestream

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