Google Announces New Features for Android and Wear OS

It is obvious that MWC 2023, which is currently being held in Barcelona (Spain), will be a showcase of the latest and cutting-edge innovations and a host to thrilling technological advancements that could revolutionize the industry to some extent. In the midst of all this, how would Google manage to remain calm to ignite the fire? That being said, Google announces new features for Android and Wear OS at the Mobile World Congress 2023.

Google Announces New Features for Android and Wear OS

As a part of its Android, Chrome OS, and Wear OS platforms, Google announced a number of upcoming feature updates. The first and subsequent quarters of 2023 would witness a handful of improvements on smartphones, Chromebooks, and smartwatches in the sphere of connectivity to Chrome OS, productivity, added app shortcuts, and accessibility updates. The enhanced features include Fast Pairing support on Chromebook, Google Keep shortcuts on your smartphone and smartwatch, and latest accessibility modes for Wear OS. Let us talk in brief.

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Google Keep widget

Google’s favourite note-taking app will soon receive an update that would ensure the convenience of adding, editing, and managing notes directly from your Android Home Screen. In addition, that would also sync with the watch and the widget on the Wear OS watch face will allow users to create notes using voice transcription. Viewing a to-do list, reminders, and notes on Google Keep is now smooth and convenient.

Faster connectivity with Fast Pair

Connecting your new Bluetooth headphones to your Chromebook is just one tap ahead. Okay, it does not end there but if you’ve previously paired a pair of headphones with your Android phone, sit relaxed as the Chromebook will automatically connect to them. However, there is still no specific information about the release of this update, but it is certain that it will be rolled out soon.

Audio enhancements in Google Meet

Google Meet will now offer noise cancellation on Android devices while interacting with calls and more. The aforementioned would be achieved by filtering out noise in the background.

New emoji new combinations

Google’s Emoji Kitchen’s menu is getting spicier as it offers new emoji combinations to remix, merge, and share as stickers via Google Keyboard (Gboard). In addition, new basketball teams and spring options can be smashed.

Fun no limit in Google Wallet

Google Wallet would witness new tap-to-pay animations to make in-store payments. Paying would be fun as the existing checkmark on a payment will transform itself into a fun animation like cheerful penguins and more characters with every transaction.

Easy increase content size

In an effort to increase productivity for users, Google announced that content including text, images, and videos can now easily be magnified up to 300% in Chrome for Android. Although this might not seem to make a difference for many people, hold on. Despite increasing the size of the content, the layout of the page would not alter Additionally, the user can choose a default size as per preference.

More productivity

Productivity is the focus. Freehand annotation in Google Drive for Android allows a user to now annotate PDFs using a stylus or with just a simple touch on the screen. There are different ink strokes as well to write notes or feedback, and a highlighter tool to save critical text on other devices that the user can later hide, undo, delete, or save an additional copy of.

Enhancements to sound and display modes

Wear OS 3 will have mono-audio, color-correction, and gray-scale modes to improve accessibility on the watch. Mono-audio would help users to limit distortion caused by split-audio and overlay better hearing in one ear over another. The newly added colour correction and gray-scale mode also add to the modes of the watch display.

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As we find the features to be incredibly exciting and useful, many users eagerly await updates to be able to take advantage of these additions. As Google announces upcoming features for Android and Wear OS, let us know in the comments box which features excite you the most, and what you are most looking forward to experiencing.

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