Gmail Soon to be the Only Calendar Scheduling Tool You Might Need

Google is planning to integrate Calendar’s external appointment scheduling feature with Gmail, making it easy and convenient for email recipients to be aware of your schedule. Google is also bringing new cool features to Gmail and soon the email app is set to be the only calendar scheduling app you might need on your device.

Gmail Soon to be the Only Calendar Scheduling Tool You Might Need

Google made several announcements for Workspace, the company presented and showed how a user will be able to embed an available calendar slot in their emails. This will allow recipients to see for themselves the dates when you are available.

Calendar scheduling with Gmail
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Google has also partnered with Stripe and will allow recipients to book paid slots on their calendars with a few simple steps. However, one of the best announcements that the tech giant came up with was that now you don’t have to be a Google Workspace subscriber to be able to use these features. The new Gmail feature will be a great help not only for business owners and professionals but also for freelancers, and everyone in general. Additionally, a user can unlock more Gmail features such as unlimited booking pages and multiple calendars with a paid Google One plan.

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Along with Gmail updates, Google is also bringing new updates to how you send customized bulk emails from your Workspace account. In addition to automatically including the first and last names of your recipient in the opening line, you can further level up the personalization with a newly integrated feature in Google Sheets. Now, you have the option to include the date when the recipient became a member, thereby adding another layer of customization to their email.

All the new updates are now rolling out and it is just a matter of a few weeks until they are available for all the eligible users. The new updates for Gmail are game changer for the app and it might soon be the only calendar scheduling tool that you would need.

Google is continuously bringing updates and new features to its productivity tools, just days ago the company announced features for Google Classroom and Wallet. As the company tries to enhance the user experience, Gmail is all set to get a useful and exciting new feature.

Source: Google Workspace Announcements

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