GlossAI Generative Highlights are a Glimpse into Future of Content

The future of content creation is indeed huge, especially in the era where the consumption of content through short video clips is at its peak. Moreover, that’s not all. Content can also come in different forms, like a podcast or an e-book. As an ocean has become deep and crowded, any further additions can obscure it further to the point where it either blends with the waves or creativity drowns in the race to be bigger and bigger. Furthermore, for creative heads who pour their heart and soul into every piece of content they create, it is not simple and easy to publish and expand audiences’ reach in regard to the myriad platforms and formats available. GlossAI generative highlights are a glimpse into the overwhelming future of content, where the startup aims to automate the process using artificial intelligence.

Gloss Ai Generative Highlights are a Glimpse into Future of Content

GlossAI approach is curtailment. Observing the pace with which audiences love swiping fingers over quick-hand media, consumption of more detailed content seems no more appealing and palatable to many. It aims to seize the advantage over this basic notion of syncopating the duration and turning a half-hour audio video of content into infinite short clips or bundles of long-written materials into tiny blog posts. As a result, New Era Capital led GlossAi managed to convince the investors namely GuideStar Ventures, 97212 Ventures, MindCET Ventures, Ginossar Ventures, Maccabee Ventures, Rafi Gidron, and Zipris Family, and was able to raise an $8 million seed funding round, leveraging the power of this approach and accelerating the adoption of its generative V-Ai platform.

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As far as the current market exists, there are already a few mainstream automatic editing and snipping tools, including Adobe and generative AI startups like QuickVid. GlossAi has managed to interpret the idea and attract potential to their board, but it would not be inaccurate to say that the idea existed already.

While creating a difference matters for any business, GlossAi sets itself apart as well by channelizing a middle lane between purely generated material and intelligent clipping of existing video. The organization seems to target large volumes of webinars, presentations, and interviews, which tend to disappear after being posted on platforms like YouTube or someplace else and do not gain much traction due to the lack of desire and unwillingness of people to view such a long video while their attention seems to fade through viewing multiple clips. So, instead of making the entire video presentable on one platform, one could split the same into multiple platforms and media formats, ultimately creating more reach and getting more ROI for the production cost.

GlossAI | Gloss Ai Generative Highlights are a Glimpse into Future of Content
Image Credits: GlossAI

Organizations strive to produce clips that can be consumed quickly and capture attention. For example, one got a half-hour interview between a CEO and the head of a partner organization. Simply put, no one would expect an enormous number of views from these and in that case, a highlight reel like 15-second snippets would be easier to swallow and thus reach more people.

Amidst the growing popularity of AI and the integration of organizations, the Israeli start-up with 30 employees currently, intends to expand its global presence with the new funding and with GlossAI generative highlights to develop more AI-driven products in the future.

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