Giveaway of Free Hearthstone Cards by Amazon Prime Gaming

A giveaway of free Hearthstone Cards by Amazon Prime Gaming is live. The Hearthstone pack will be given to the players via the prime gaming route. Blizzard has been running various campaigns and now they are considering Prime Gaming too. This cannot be considered the final Hearthstone loot on Prime Gaming.

Giveaway of Free Hearthstone Cards by Amazon Prime Gaming

The players were given away an Epic card of Hearthstone players via Prime Gaming last month. The current giveaway is like previous Hearthstone giveaways via Amazon. Last summer Standard packs and Legendary cards were also given away and the campaign came to an end on 19th April.

Shortly after that, Hearthstone began a new Prime Gaming giveaway. The players can claim three Standard Hearthstone car packs completely free of cost till 17th May. Only the players who have an Amazon Prime account or a free trial can claim the cards.

As a giveaway of free Hearthstone Cards by Amazon Prime Gaming is on the cards, World of Warcraft is also using the same route for giving away Big Battle Bear mount from the old TCG. Amazon has revealed that they are going to offer a lot of World of Warcraft collectibles every month in the upcoming year. There are chances that Hearthstone will do the same.

The Prime Gaming promotion was not advertised by Blizzard at all. Similarly, Hearthstone did not mention the loot on any of its social media handles. It has been observed that Prime Gaming campaigns have a loose schedule and Hearthstone on the other hand does not follow any schedule for the campaigns.

Hearthstone has begun the Year of the Wolf that rotated United in Stormwind, Forged in the Barrens, and Fractured in Alterac Valley sets. These packs are pulled from a recent and smaller pool of cards.

Recently, the Festival of Legends set has also been dropped. It has brought an exciting new set of music-themed cards. The card set is fresh and the players can adjust the Hearthstone under and over-performing cards in the upcoming patch. There are many surprises related to the Hearthstone treasure on Prime Gaming and therefore it is the right time to log in and play the game.

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