Gamer Makes Playable Game Boy Advance SP Using LEGO Bricks

Gamer makes playable Game Boy Advance SP using LEGO bricks. The gamer posted a video related to the item on YouTube. In the video, you can see the Game Boy being built brick by brick. The Game Boy so built is functional and it is not just for show therefore it is considered an innovative piece of work.

Gamer Makes Playable Game Boy Advance SP Using LEGO Bricks

The video was posted on Retro Stash Repairs Channel which is being run by YouTuber Miguel. The channel has featured various videos on how to fix the parts of Game Boy SP, Game Boy Advance, and Micro. The main focus of the channel is repairing electronics and retro consoles.

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Miguel demonstrated in the video how he used LEGO bricks and constructed Game Boy Advance SP. The YouTuber glued each piece together instead of traditionally assembling the bricks. To fit the hardware and buttons Miguel trimmed the case using a small saw. The motherboard and screen have been installed from the actual Game Boy Advance. The thinnest LEGO pieces have been used to avoid the bulkiness in the casing. The thin LEGO pieces will also make the trigger buttons usable.

One can find repair and rebuilding process videos of various Game Boy versions that got broken due to faulty buttons, water damage, and dysfunctional lights on Miguel’s YouTube channel.

Gamer makes playable Game Boy Advance SP using LEGO bricks and has a simple appearance but the final product requires a good amount of expertise in hardware. In the video posted by Miguel, the game boy advance appears and functions like SP due to the fact that it actually contains a motherboard. A variety of new designs can be created because his creation has the perk that more pieces of LEGO can be added to the case.

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Even though the creation is unique and intriguing it still has some minor issues for example there is a small pause in the frame when Game Boy Advance is being closed. The screen also falls backward because the hinges have been constructed from LEGO bricks. Altogether, the piece can be considered a remarkable one as it is a Nintendo-based gaming console that captured the attention of the viewers.

Source: YouTube Video

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