Fortnite Released a New Bundle for PlayStation

Fortnite released a new bundle for PlayStation. The players will get cosmetic items for their characters. With every new season, Fortnite players witness a wide range of items getting added to the game. These items can be claimed in different ways and some of these items are rare due to exclusiveness.

Fortnite released a new bundle for PlayStation

The Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 4 is live and is in full swing this month. This Epic Games’ battle royale introduced futuristic cyberpunk theme’s vibrant colors and others. Fortnite brought major changes in season 2 like buildings based on Japanese architecture, new POIs, weapons, and rail grinding mechanics. As a tradition, a fresh wave of collaborations of Fortnite with the big pop culture names is available too. The collaboration added new skins and items to the game.

iFireMonkey is a popular leaker who spotted the new Fortnite bundle. The bundle is available for the players of PlayStation. The bundle is named Chilling Mystery Gear Pack and brings in free items for the subscribers of PlayStation Plus. This bundle is not flashy like the collab with Attack on Titan.

The bundle follows a visual pattern of Season 2 because it is embedded with a turquoise-blue-purple-colored modern style scheme. Players will find Neon Gradient Wrap, Chilling Mystery Banner, Future Relic Scythe Pickaxe, and Icyburn Emoticon but it will not be including a free skin. The time limit for how long the items will be available for claiming has not been disclosed.

Fortnite released a new bundle for PlayStation and the Season 2 is featuring a new battle pass that will help in unlocking the new items and some visual changes as well. For facing the dangers of Megacity the players of Fortnite can find some new augments as well. These augments are the most interesting and the newest gimmicks that are introduced in Fortnite.

The augments help the players to gain unique buffs and these unique buffs make the clashes fun and interesting. The Unreal Editor is going to be introduced for the creative Fortnite players that will help them to develop games and embed them into Fortnite. This will expand the potential of the game by adding fun to it.

There are various perks for PlayStation Plus subscribers and therefore the Chilling Mystery Gear Pack can be considered a little extra. The simple aesthetics of the items are keeping in the visual idea of the current season of Fortnite. The items can be equipped by the players to play new matches, they can also secure the bundle and wait for the future crossovers that Fortnite may witness in the near future.

Source: Twitter Post , Official Page

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