How to Fix Zoom Error Code 3160

Restore smooth functioning of the Zoom Chrome app using these practical fixes.

Zoom is a convenient platform for meetings, accommodating up to 100 participants. Unfortunately, occasional glitches like error code 3160 can cause you to miss important calls. If you have faced this issue, don’t worry! This guide provides practical fixes to resolve the problem and ensure smooth Zoom sessions. So, keep reading!

zoom EC 3160

Zoom Error Code 3160

If a user encounters Error Code 3160, it means they are attempting to sign in to Zoom using the ChromeOS application. If you are using Chrome, Zoom is a specially designed app that is meant to be compatible with your operating system. However, the platform has recently withdrawn support for the compatible Chrome OS version, causing issues and errors for users and resulting in a loss of access to Zoom. To fix the same, try the solutions provided below.

Quick Answer

To get the Zoom issue resolved on ChromeOS, update the app using these steps:

1. Open the Zoom app and click on the profile icon at the top-right corner.

2. Next, click on Check for Updates in the menu.

What Causes Error 3160 in Zoom?

In the recent version of Chromebook, the Zoom app has become incompatible, which has been one of the main reasons for people encountering the Error Code. Error occurrences may result from the user not downloading the updated web app specially designed for Chrome OS. Additionally, not updating the Zoom App for an extended period or using Chrome OS, in general, could be other potential reasons for encountering the issue.

Now, let’s discuss the methods to resolve this error code:

Method 1: Use Another Device for Zoom

If you are using Chromebook, you will face trouble accessing Zoom because, since June 2022, the Zoom app has withdrawn its support for the Chrome OS app. You can try another device to fix the issue.

Google chromebook

Method 2: Access Zoom from Another Browser

If the Zoom error code 3160 appears due to Chromebook usage, then you can use another browser to access Zoom. The issue might get resolved instantly if it relates to the operating system. This solution is not appropriate if you are already using a different device or browser for accessing Zoom.

Opera Browser official page

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Method 3: Download Progressive Web App of Zoom

The withdrawal of support for the Zoom app on Chrome OS doesn’t mean that the company has abandoned the users, leaving them with no options. A new progressive app has been developed by Zoom that will work effortlessly on Chrome OS.

When users receive the message regarding the error code, there’s also a little window from where they can download the PWA app, and once it is downloaded, there are chances that you won’t reencounter the Zoom error code 3160 and it will be fixed.

Note: If you encounter the issue even after downloading the progressive app, then there are chances that the new app is glitching. The progressive app might be unavailable as it is still being testing. Zoom support will assist you in this regard.

Download the progressive web app of Zoom | Zoom error code 3160

Method 4: Update Zoom App

If you encounter issues with the Zoom app while not using Chrome OS, it might be related to app updates. Regularly missing updates can lead to future problems. To fix the Zoom error code 3160, check for the latest version and update the app to see if it resolves the problem.

1. Launch the Zoom app and click on the profile icon at the top-right corner.

2. Click on the Check for Updates option in the menu.

Click on the Check for Updates option.

3A. If the Zoom app is updated, you will receive a confirmation message for the same.

3B. If an update is available, it would start to install automatically.

If an update is available it would start to install automatically

4. After the update is downloaded, click on the Install button.

click on the Install button | Zoom error code 3160

5. The progress screen would be displayed.

6. Upon installation, the Zoom app will relaunch on the PC, and you will see the confirmation message.

your client has been successfully updated.

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Method 5: Contact Zoom Support

If the above-mentioned methods didn’t work for you then contacting Zoom support is the only option you have. They have the exact solution for the issues faced by the users in accessing the platform.

Contact Zoom Support Centre | Zoom error code 3160

Zoom error code 3160 is an issue for Chromebook users and there are minimal chances that it will appear in other Operating systems. In the above article, we have discussed a few solutions that will help you to solve the error. If you have any queries for us, feel free to ask them using the comment section below.

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