Fix Zoom Error Code 3003 on Android

Zoom is one of the popular video conferencing platforms that has seen a surge in usage since the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, this platform made the work-from-home option possible and quite efficient. But, we face technical problems like Zoom error 3003. Worry not; we will give all the possible ways to solve this issue.

Fix Zoom Error Code 3003 on Android

How to Fix Zoom Error Code 3003 on Android

Zoom is a cloud-based video calling service funded by Eric Yuan, former vice president of Cisco Webex, in 2011. He left the company with 40 engineers to create his service, which he succeeded in doing later. He founded the new company and named it Saasbee. Later in 2012 changed its name to Zoom.

What is Zoom Error Code 3003?

When someone is not a licensed user or the schedule privileges are modified, Zoom can show a code 3003 error. It is also possible that a regular participant receives a link from a co-host.

Solutions to Fix Zoom Error 3003

Now after discussing the basics, let’s know how to fix Zoom Error 3003.

Method 1: Make Sure Webinar is Going On

The first thing you should do is to ensure the webinar or meeting is still going on. It may be already finished, and no matter what you try, joining it is impossible, as the link is now invalid.

It is also possible that the meeting is not even started yet. In that case, it is also possible that you can face error 3003. So, wait for the meeting to begin and try again. If the problem persists, read the other methods and try them out. This might solve Zoom schedule meeting error 3003.

Method 2: Ask Main Host to Share Link

As we discussed, you might get the link from a co-host. It is impossible to join a meeting from a link specific to the co-host. So, you can ask the co-host to share the link for the normal participant. Or you can also ask the primary host directly for the link. It might solve your problem.

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Method 3: Request Host to Start New Meeting

This method may or may not work as your request might simply get declined by the host. So only try if it is a small meeting with two or three participants. However, we decided to include this method, as it might solve the issue.

Method 4: Update App

The app may be outdated, which can cause problems like this one. In this case, though, it is effortless to solve it. You can update the app, and things will work fine again. Here are the steps you can use to update the app.

1. Open Google Play Store and then tap on your profile picture.

tap on profile

2. Tap on Manage apps and device.

Tap on Manage apps and device.

3. Now, tap on See details.

tap on see details. Fix Zoom Error Code 3003

4. Then, tap on Update option beside the Zoom app.

It might solve your problem, if not then you can also try the next method.

Method 5: Change Device

We are not claiming that changing the device will solve this issue. However, sometimes using another operating system can do wonders. For example, if you are using Windows, then use the app on Mac. If you are using an Android device, then change to iOS. And as Zoom is a cross-platform app, it won’t be much of a headache.

Method 6: Reconstruct Link

You can reconstruct the link to solve the problem. How to reconstruct? The answer is simple. If you get a link like this, number), then delete the meeting part. Then, put j in the place of the meeting. It will now look like this, number). After you make this small change, you might be able to join the meeting. 

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Method 7: Update Device

If a device update is available, you can also update the device and see if the problem is solved. We are not saying that it is the cause. But we can also deny the fact that there is a slight possibility that because the device is outdated, it conflicts with the app.

1. Open Settings and locate System updates.

Open settings and locate system update. Fix Zoom Error Code 3003

2. Now, tap on Check for updates.

select check for updates option

3. Update the device and wait for it to restart.

4. Open the Zoom app again.

Method 8: Reinstall App

The app might be misfunctioning. Even if you update it and restart the device, the problem might not get solved. You can uninstall the application and install it again in that cast. And that might solve the problem you have been facing all along.

When you uninstall an app, you are also deleting all the files related to it. So, if there are any corrupt files, they will also be deleted. However, we will only suggest you use it after trying everything else. Here is a step-by-step guide,

1. Open Google Play Store and search for Zoom.

Open Google Play Store and search for Zoom. Fix Zoom Error Code 3003

2. Now, tap on Install and wait for it to complete.

tap on Install and wait for it to complete

3. Open the app and see if the problem is solved.

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Method 9: Use Alternative Apps

Well, you can also use alternatives if Zoom is not supporting your device. However, this method is actually not for all our readers. As if you are working for a big organization and they use the Zoom app for their meeting, then it is unlikely that they will change their preferred meeting app just for you.

However, there is no harm in raising the problem with your managers. And if enough people have the same problem, then they might change the app all along.

But if you are the boss, then using an alternative becomes easier as you are the one who takes decisions for your team. But in this case, also, hard work is needed. And if you bought any license, then you have to wait for the contract to end. We hope it helped to solve the Zoom schedule meeting error 3003.

Method 10: Contact Zoom Support

When nothing works, then the only option is to contact the Zoom support team. There are many tutorials available on their support page. You can use them. If they don’t help, then submit a request. A support person will contact you, and you can discuss the problem with him. You can also contact the Zoom team from their Twitter handle. They have over 1 million plus followers on Twitter, and Zoom is pretty active there too. They will help you.

Zoom Contact Page


We hope after reading the article your query on how to fix Zoom error 3003 is now solved. If you still have any questions, then don’t forget to use the comment section. We will try our best to solve them. You can also suggest us new topic, and if possible, we will write a dedicated article. You can also add our site to your bookmarks for future reference. Thank you for reading.

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