Fix Xbox One Error 0x80a40019

Fix Xbox One Error 0x80a40019

Xbox Live is an online service for gaming and content distribution. You can download games and communicate with your friends using this service. If you use Xbox Live service and are facing Xbox One error 0x80a40019 when connecting to Xbox Live, then do not worry! We bring to you a helpful guide that will teach you how to fix cant connect to Xbox Live problem. So, continue reading the article to find the solution to your problem.

Fix Xbox One Error 0x80a40019

How to Fix Xbox One Error 0x80a40019

Many users have reported that they are facing issue of Xbox One not connecting to Xbox Live error. This problem may be caused due to network issues on the device. Following are the troubleshooting methods to fix this issue.

Method 1: Ensure Xbox Live Servers are Running

Firstly, you need to check the Xbox server status. Sometimes due to server maintenance the Xbox Live server may be down. You need to make sure that Xbox servers are running before going through any other solutions. Check for any server outage by going to the Xbox Status page.

Check the Status of Xbox Live Servers

Method 2: Reboot Xbox Console

If the Xbox server status are running properly, then as a basic method, try to restart the Xbox console to fix any bugs or glitches with your device. So, to fix Xbox One error 0x80a40019 while connecting to Xbox Live, reboot the console by following steps listed below

1. Hold the Xbox button on the controller for few seconds to open Power Center.

Hold the Xbox button. Fix Xbox One Error 0x80a40019

2. Here, select the Restart console option as shown in the pic below.

Select Restart console

3. Finally, select the Restart option to confirm.

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Method 3: Troubleshoot Network Connection

Now you know that, error 0x80a40019 occurs when you try to connect to Xbox Live and this issue signifies a problem with your network connection. Slow or unstable internet connectivity will result in this error. Hence, make sure that your network connection is running properly. Follow these steps to troubleshoot network connectivity on Xbox console.

1. Go to Profile & system menu and select the Settings option, as shown.

select Profile and System and click on Settings. Fix Xbox One Error 0x80a40019

2. Select the Network settings option in the General tab.

select the Network settings option

3. Now, select the Test network connection option in the Troubleshooting section and wait till the result is displayed.

choose the Test network connection option. Fix Xbox One Error 0x80a40019

Method 4: Update Xbox Console

Another method to fix cant connect to Xbox Live error 0x80a40019 is to update the console. If your Xbox console is outdated OS version, then also you may face this problem. Thus, you need to keep your device updated to the latest version to enjoy games and applications without any errors. Follow the steps given below to update your Xbox console. 

1. Go to Xbox Settings.

2. Then, select System and open Updates & downloads.

Open Updates and downloads. Fix Xbox One Error 0x80a40019

3. Finally, select the Update console option and check if an update is available

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Method 5: Change Xbox Console Language

Here is how to fix Xbox One error 0x80a40019 by changing the Language to English on Xbox One.

1. Launch the Xbox Settings.

2. Then, go to System > Language & location setting.

choose System Language and location

3. Here, change the Language to English, as depicted below.

xbox system language. Fix Xbox One Error 0x80a40019

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Method 6: Reset Xbox Console

Lastly, try resetting the Xbox console to solve Xbox One error 0x80a40019 issue. This should be you last option after trying all the methods mentioned above. Resetting Xbox will return your device to its default settings and erase your Xbox profile. Following are the steps to reset Xbox console to fix cant connect to Xbox Live problem.

Note: Create backup of your games and apps before resetting the console.

1. Navigate to Xbox Settings > System > Console info, as highlighted in the pic below.

select system option and then console info in xbox one. Fix Xbox One Error 0x80a40019

2. Select the Reset console option.

Select the Reset console option

3A. Choose the RESET AND KEEP MY GAMES & APPS option, as this only resets the firmware and settings.

Note: The game data remains intact and you don’t need to download everything again.

Select RESET AND KEEP MY GAMES and APPS. Fix Xbox One Error 0x80a40019

3B. If you still face Xbox One not connecting to Xbox Live issue, select the RESET AND REMOVE EVERYTHING option.

Note: The entire game and app data gets erased,

Select RESET AND REMOVE EVERYTHING. Fix Xbox One Error 0x80a40019


Hope this article solved your issue on Xbox One error 0x80a40019. You can mention the method which worked for you to connect to Xbox Live without any bugs or errors. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comment section below.

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