Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070005

Are you receiving the error 0x80070005 while updating Windows 10?

No need to worry; through this guide, we are going to fix the Windows updare error 0x80070005.

The error 0x80070005 or Access Denied issue is linked to Windows updates. It happens when the system or the user does not have the necessary files or required rights to modify settings during a Windows update.

What causes error 0x80070005 in Windows 10?

There are a whole host of causes for this error. However, we will stick to the most prominent ones as listed below.

  • Incorrect date & time can cause this update error.
  • Antivirus Software can prevent certain updates in Windows 10 systems.
  • Unused Peripheral devices that are attached to the computer can result in such errors.
  • Improper Windows Installation might result in interrupted Windows update.
  • Windows Update service not running on the system can lead to this error.

How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070005

Error 0x80070005 is a persistent error and requires comprehensive methods to fix it. Let’s go through some of them.

Method 1: Remove Unused Peripheral Devices

When an external device is attached to your computer, it might occasionally cause issues with system updates.

1. Devices such as cameras, consoles, and USB sticks should be removed safely before updating your Windows 10 PC.

2. Also, make sure to completely detach their cables from the computer.

Now, examine whether the Windows Update install error 0x80070005 persists.

Method 2: Run the Windows Update Service

Windows Update Error 0x80070005 might be caused by incomplete download of Windows updates. The in-built Windows Update Service can assist you in downloading fresh updates and, thereby, rectifying Windows update issues.

Below are the steps to run Windows Update Service, is it isn’t running already:

1. To launch the Run dialogue box, press Windows + R keys together.

2. To open the Services window, type services. msc in the Run box and hit Enter as shown.

, type services. msc in the Run box and hit Enter.

3. Locate the Windows Update service, right-click on it and select Restart from the pop-up menu.

Note: The services are listed in alphabetical order.

. Locate the Windows Update service and click Restart. The services are listed in alphabetical order.

4. Once the restart process is finished, right-click on the Windows Update service and select Properties as shown below.

right-click on the Windows Update service and select Properties.

5. Navigate to the General tab under the Windows Update Properties screen. Set the Startup type to Automatic as depicted below.

. Set the start-up type to Automatic on the General tab.

6. Verify that the service is running. If it’s not running, click on the Start button as shown.

If it's not running, click on Start button.

7. Again, Restart Windows Update Service by right-clicking on it. Refer to step 3.

Examine whether the error 0x80070005 Feature Updates 1903 persists.

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Method 3: Allow Windows to update

Updating Windows is a great way to resolve issues related to Windows operating system. It helps in improving Windows features by discarding earlier ones. It also ensures that your OS is running error-free and crash-free. Let’s see how to do this:

1. Press the Windows or Start button.

2. Click on the Settings icon as shown here.

Click on the Settings icon

3. Select the Update& Security option as shown below.

. Select the Update& Security option.

4. Click on Check for Updates.  

5. Let Windows search for updates that are available and install those.

. Let Windows look for any updates that are available and install them.

6. Once installation is done, restart the PC and confirm if the issue persists.

If it does, try the next solution.

Method 4: Power Cycle the PC

This approach will reset the computer completely and re-initialize default settings. Additionally, this is also a great way to resolve the DHCP error.

You can power cycle your computer through these simple steps:

  1. Turn off the PC and the router.
  2. Disconnect the power source by unplugging it.
  3. For a few minutes, press – hold the Power button.
  4. Reconnect the power supply.
  5. Switch on the computer after 5-6 minutes.

Power Cycling | Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070005

Verify if you’re able to fix Windows Update error 0x80070005. If not, then continue with the next method. 

Method 5: Use the Windows Troubleshooter

Running the in-built Windows Update Troubleshooter is an efficient and effective way to fix problems related to Windows OS. It will identify and rectify issues pertaining to Windows operating system files and processes.

Follow the given steps to utilize Windows troubleshooter to fix error 0x80070005 in Windows 10 PC:

1. Click the Windows icon to open the Start menu.

2. To enter the Windows Settings, click on the Settings, i.e., gear icon as shown below.

To enter the Windows Settings, click on the Settings

3. Choose the Update & Security option.

Choose Update & Security option.

4. From the left pane, click on Troubleshoot, as shown below.

. In the left sidebar, select Troubleshoot.

5. Click the option titled Additional troubleshooters as depicted below.

. Click Additional troubleshooters | Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070005

6. Locate and choose Windows Update from the list to resolve problems that prevent you from updating Windows.

Locate and choose Windows Update from the list

7. If an issue is found, a Windows troubleshooter will provide solutions for solving it. Just follow the on-screen instructions for the same.

Examine whether the Windows Update install error 0x80070005 persists after restarting the PC. If it does, we shall implement SFC scan and Windows 10 reinstallation in succeeding methods.

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Method 6: Run the SFC Scan

SFC (System File Checker) is a handy tool that scans and searches your computer for corrupt or missing files and then attempts to fix these. This how-to run an SFC scan on Windows 10 PCs:

1. Type Command Prompt in the Windows search bar.

2. Right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as administrator. Or click on Run as administrator as shown below.

select Run as administrator

3. Type this command: sfc /scannow in the command console. Hit Enter.

typing sfc /scannow | Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070005

4. The process of looking for corrupt or missing files and fixing them will now begin. 

5. Once completed, Restart the computer.

Method 7: Pause Antivirus Protection

It’s possible that Antivirus software installed on your computer is preventing the update from being downloaded and installed properly. Follow the steps given below to pause antivirus software temporarily.

Note: We have explained the method for the Kaspersky Internet Security application. You can disable any other antivirus program using similar steps.

1. Open the tray icon displayed on the taskbar.

2. Right-click on the Kaspersky protection and select Pause protection as shown below.

. Right-click on the Kaspersky protection and select Pause protection.

3. When the new window pops up, choose the duration for which the protection should be paused.

4. Now, select Pause Protection again.

, select Pause Protection again.

Now, run the update again and examine if the error is rectified.

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Method 8: Set Correct Date & Time

Sometimes, incorrect dates & times can also trigger this issue as it leads to a mismatch between the Windows download server & your computer. Therefore, you should always make sure that you have set the correct time & date on your desktop/laptop.

Let us see how to set system date and time manually:

1. Open Settings from the Start menu as you did before.

. Open Settings from the Start menu | Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070005

2. Go to the Time & Language section as shown.

. Go to the Time & Language section.

3. Make sure that the date and time are correct.

4. If this isn’t the case, turn the toggle on next to the Set time automatically option as depicted below.

If this isn't the case, turn on the Set time automatically option | Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070005

Alternately, you can change the date and time manually through the given steps:

a. Click the Change tab placed next to Set the date & time manually, as shown below.

Change the date and time by clicking Change.

b. Set the time and pick the time zone corresponding to your location. For example, For users in India, the time zone is set at UTC + 05:30 hours.

Set the time and pick the relevant time zone. | Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070005

c. Next, Disable Auto-sync time.

Now the time & date are set to current values.

5. Click Language from the left pane in the same Settings window.

Click Language in the same window.

6. Use English (United States) as the Windows Display Language, as highlighted below.

English (United States) in the language settings. | Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070005

7. Now, Select the Date, time, and regional formatting options.

Select Date, time, and regional formatting.

8. You’ll be redirected to a new window. Check if the settings are correct.

9. Restart the computer to implement these changes.

Windows update error 0x80070005 should be fixed by now.

Method 9: Windows Re-installation

If none of the previous solutions work, the only thing left to try is installing a new version of Windows on the computer. This will immediately resolve any errors in the installation files and will solve the error 0x80070005 as well.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to fix Windows update error 0x80070005 in Windows 10. Let us know which method worked for you. If you have any queries/ suggestions, drop them in the comment box.

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