How to Fix Windows 10 Mouse Double Clicking on Single Click

Mouse is probably one of the most valuable peripheral parts of a PC after keyboard. This is why any issue such as Windows 10 mouse double clicking on single click can seriously affect your work speed. We have compiled a list of working methods to fix windows 10 mouse double clicks on single click. As facing this problem can cost you a lot of time therefore it is better to try out your device on a different PC to rule out any issue with the PC as we have mentioned in the basic troubleshooting methods.

How to Fix windows 10 Mouse Double Clicking on Single Click

How to Fix Windows 10 Mouse Double Clicking on Single Click

The left button in a mouse is much more used in comparison to the left one. This is because it carries an important feature of double-clicking to open a file. But when this feature becomes a bane in name of a boon a solution is a must.

What Causes Mouse to Double-Click?

Issues like interference from other peripheral devices and low battery in case of wireless mouse are mainly the reason that causes mouse to double click. Other causes that may be true in the case of both wired and wireless mouse are outdated or incompatible driver, dust accumulation, outdated Windows, and incorrect mouse settings.

Quick Answer

You can try changing double-click settings on your computer. If this does not work, try updating mouse driver on your computer:

1. Open Device Manager select Mice and other pointing devices.

2. Right-click on the mouse and click on Update Driver.

Ways to Fix Windows 10 Mouse Double Clicking on Single Click

Here, we have given the basic and advanced troubleshooting methods to solve the problem.

Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting Methods

Below are some of the basic methods to fix the issue.

1A. Clean Mouse

Dirt accumulation can have serious adverse effects on the normal working of a mouse. This is usually the case when the build-up is in the upper buttons of the mouse. This buildup can interfere with the clicking process and cause it to click double or multiple times. Therefore clean your mouse occasionally as shown in below given Logitech mouse.

wired Mouse

1B. Try Different USB Port

The issue with ports is a probable cause that can inhibit communication between mouse and PC. Trying out a different port is a viable solution you must try once.

1C. Try Mouse in Different PC

It is a possibility that the issue is not with mouse but with the laptop or desktop one is using. Therefore giving a check on this can save you precious time and you can go further with other solutions if the issue is in PC.

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1D. Replace Mouse Batteries

Dying mouse batteries can often cause errors as there is much difficulty in sending signals to the wireless mouse adapter can often misread signals due to low battery and cause mouse double clicks Windows 10.

Wireless Mouse

1E. Remove Signal Interference

Wireless mouse work using signals that can often be misinterpreted in case there are interferences present. These include Electronic, Electrical, and Radio Frequency Interference. This issue can be resolved by repositioning some peripheral parts of the PC such as speakers and monitor.

Method 2: Change Double Click Settings

To fix Windows 10 mouse double clicks on single click the speed at which a mouse double clicks plays a big role. This setting is already at the default but could have been altered by mistake. This is where a PC is unable to understand a mouse commands and acts in a certain odd way. To go back to default settings, follow the below-given steps:

1. Press Windows + I keys at same time to open Windows Settings

2. Click on Devices.

click on Devices option

3. Click on Mouse.

4. Click on Additional mouse settings.

Click on Mouse menu and select Additional mouse options

5. Navigate to the Buttons option.

Navigate to Buttons option.

6. Here you will Double click speed. Increase or decrease the speed and simultaneously check the workability by double-clicking the folder icon.

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Method 3: Switch Left Right Settings

It sometimes happens that mouse double clicks Windows 10 issue is related to the left button on mouse. To check and resolve this one can easily switch the roles of the two buttons. Then you can try using the right click as left one as it may work now.

1. Follow 1 to 4 steps of Method 2

2. In the Buttons Option, check the option Switch primary and secondary buttons.

In Buttons Option, check option Switch primary and secondary buttons. | mouse double clicks windows 10

3. Click on OK and then Apply.

If the issue is resolved, then you can now use right button as left one. In case of the opposite situation, revert and uncheck the option. You can further explore the below-given options.

Method 4: Disable Pointer Precision

Pointer precision is a process by which a PC monitors the speed at which you move your mouse. This data is used for better working of mouse. But it can in some cases cause the fix windows 10 mouse double clicks on single click issue. Follow the below-given steps to do the same:

1. Follow Steps 1 to 4 of Method 2 to open Mouse Properties.

2. In the Pointer Options tab, uncheck the Enhance pointer precision

uncheck the Enhance pointer precision

Method 5: Update Mouse Driver

A driver may often stop working with the most recent Windows upgrades. When this occurs, it is crucial to update them so that they can cooperate with the operating system and interact with the other internal or external components that enable a computer to function effectively. This can be a probable method to fix Windows 10 mouse double clicking on single click.

1. Press Windows key, type Device Manager, and click on Open.

open device manager

2. Click on Mice and other pointing devices to show all mice connected to the device till now.

Click on Mice and other devices | What causes Windows 10 mouse double clicking on single click

3. Right-click on the mouse that is causing trouble and click on Update Driver.

click on Update Driver

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Method 6: Reinstall Mouse Driver

If updating the mouse driver didn’t help you with Windows 10 mouse double clicking on single click issue then you may go for Reinstalling the driver of your mouse. This procedure includes uninstalling and then installing the driver. Please follow our guide on how to uninstall and reinstall driver.

Reinstall Graphics Drivers | mouse double clicks windows 10

Method 7: Update Windows

An outdated Windows can sometimes cause this issue which may only be resolved by updating your Windows to the latest version of the Operating System. Please follow our guide on How to Download and Install Windows 10 Latest Update.

Update Windows 10 | What causes Windows 10 mouse double clicking on single click


We hope the above article on how to fix Windows 10 mouse double clicking on single click was helpful, and you were able to fix the issue. Let us know which one of the above methods worked for you in resolving this issue. Also, don’t forget to comment if you have any queries and/or suggestions.

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