Fix Vizio Remote Not Working

A Vizio remote may cease working owing to depleted device batteries, blocked TV sensors, remote and TV power residue, unclean power supply, trapped remote memory, and even difficulties with the TV itself. When the problem of the Vizio remote not working arises, you’re left with an almost unusable television. So having a working remote, as well as taking care of it, is critical for a longer life lifetime. Unless, of course, certain pieces break. When compared to other remotes, the Vizio remote is more important for TV use since it includes smart TV capabilities that allow you to utilize and browse many applications. In this article, we have shown how to fix Vizio remote not working issue. So, continue reading to know the steps for resetting Vizio remote.

Fix Vizio Remote Not Working

How to Fix Vizio Remote Not Working

We were able to identify the following causes of Vizio Remote not Working after a thorough examination of user reports.

  • Batteries That Have Been Powered Down: If the batteries in the Vizio remote have been powered down, you won’t be able to use it.
  • Blocked TV Sensor: This error occurs when the IR beam cannot reach the TV owing to an obstruction between the remote and the TV sensor.
  • Electronic Interference: If other nearby devices generate radiation that interferes with the IR ray of the remote, you may experience the current mistake.
  • Dirty Power Source: If the TV power source is supplying dirty power to the system, you may be experiencing the present issue.
  • TV and Remote Power Residues: If the remote or TV have power residues that hinder their capacity to send or translate the IR beam, you may be experiencing the current problem.
  • Stuck Remote Memory: If the remote memory has become stuck on a certain place or device, you may experience troubles similar to the present one.
  • Defective TV: If your television has become defective, you may be affected by the problem.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Before we go on to the answers, we need to double-check that the remote is generating infrared light (if you are using an IR remote). A simple camera test may be used to accomplish this. A digital camera or a camera on a mobile phone can be used for this purpose.

  • Turn on the camera and then look through the screen at the remote control device.
  • Point to the remote control end, the one that is ordinarily directed towards the TV, towards the camera.
  • If you hold any button on the remote, you should see a light flashing from the IR LED at the end of the remote on the screen of your camera.
  • Check all of the buttons on the remote, particularly the Power and Volume buttons, to check whether they function.
  • If none of the buttons operate, the remote may be defective.
  • If only a few buttons aren’t working, it’s possible that their contacts are filthy or worn out from usage.
  • If all of the buttons are functional, you may go on to the next step in the troubleshooting procedure.

press OK button in vizio remote. Fix Vizio Remote Not Working

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Here are the advanced troubleshooting methods for resetting Vizio remote.

Method 1: Power Cycle Remote

Power residues can cause the Vizio remote to cease operating. Even if you are not using the remote, power cycling helps in resetting Vizio remote and drains any remaining power leftovers. The purpose of power cycling is to guarantee that any temporary settings are entirely reset. Any erroneous settings in the remote may be fixed as a result of this. This may help free a stuck button on the remote that you weren’t aware of. Follow the given steps to fix Vizio remote not working issue.

1. Remove the remote batteries.

2. Press the Power button on the remote. The button is usually at the top of the remote control.

press power button in vizio remote

3. After five seconds, release the power button. Any remaining power will be taken from the remote.

4. At least once, press each button on the remote. This will aid in the loosening of any jammed buttons.

Note: Be careful when you remove any buttons on the remote that are stuck in a permanently pressed position; otherwise, the remote control will not respond to any additional input from the user.

5. Replace the batteries in your remote control.

6. Check to see whether your remote has begun to work correctly.

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Method 2: Power Cycle TV

If a Vizio TV is in an incorrect condition or any of its settings aren’t operating, it may become unresponsive to all inputs, including changing the channel using the remote control. The problem might be resolved by power cycling the television.

1. Remove the TV from the wall outlet.

unplug power cable adapter

2. For 30 seconds, press and hold the TV power button which will drain the TV’s remaining power and may resolve the strange difficulties.

3. Wait for one minute.

4. Reconnect the TV to the power source and turn it on.

Check the remote control once again to make sure it’s in good working order.

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Method 3: Change Batteries

Changing the batteries with new ones is the quickest way to ensure that the remote is operational and is essential for resetting Vizio remote. Most Vizio remote controls accept two AA or two AAA batteries. Move on to the next solution if the new batteries don’t address the problem to fix Vizio remote not working issue.

replace remote batteries

Method 4: Remove Blockage to TV Sensor

Another step for resetting Vizio remote is to remove the blockage to the TV Sensor. Because the IR sensor on the TV is obstructed and cannot receive the IR signal, your Vizio smart TV remote may not operate. The TV IR sensor is usually found on the bottom left or bottom right of the screen. Even translucent things, such as the protective plastic wrap that comes with new TVs, might block the infrared signal from your remote.

1. Locate the TV infrared sensor.

2. Anything in front of the Television should be moved.

3. Look for any smudges on the sensor as well. Alcohol can be used to clean the front of the sensor.

4. Now hit the Power button on the remote and point it towards the TV IR sensor.

press power button

5. Make sure you’re within 10 feet of the TV because IR signals only function up to a certain distance.

6. You will get to know whether obstruction was there in the IR signal if the TV turns on or off.

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Method 5: Change Power Source

Dirty Power refers to an abnormality in the power quality given to a device. Voltage changes, poor power factors, frequency variations, and power surges are examples of irregularities. If your television is connected to a filthy power source, you may experience Vizio Remote not working.

1. Remove the power cord from the Vizio TV.

disconnect power cord or cable

2. Move the Vizio TV to a different power source where the electricity is known to be normal and plug it in.

Check to see whether the remote is working correctly now.

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Method 6: Restrict Electronics Interference

With the advent of technology, electronic devices have become an essential part of our daily lives. These electrical equipment generates various sorts of radiations, which might cause the remote to cease operating if these radiations interfere with the IR signal. The TV IR sensor is normally found on the bottom left or bottom right of the screen. Anything that can obscure the sensor, including the protective plastic wrap that comes with new TVs, is extremely sensitive.

1. Identify any other electrical devices or lights that are turned on in the field of vision of the remote sensor window, including CFLs.

2. Turn off or relocate the TV to a new area.


3. Cover the IR sensor on the front of the receiver with a piece of blue painter tape or plain brown masking tape. The painter tape can filter off stray infrared from other devices, allowing the remote signal to pass.

4. Clean any contaminants on the TV sensor and the IR remote sensor using a cotton swab soaked in distilled alcohol.


We hope you found this information useful and that you were able to resolve how to fix Vizio remote not working issue. Please let us know which method was the most beneficial for you. You can use the form below if you have any queries or comments.

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