Fix Twitch Leecher Download Error

Fix Twitch Leecher Download Error

Twitch is one of the most sought-after platforms among gamers. This live streaming application is specially made for gaming culture where it allows users to share, stream, and engage content with other gamers. Here, one can find any video games related live broadcasts, reaction videos, and so many more. With such full entertainment spiral, it is common for people to download such content from Twitch. That’s where Twitch leecher comes into picture. It is not uncommon when you have issues in downloading content via Twitch. One such recent error reported by many users is encountering error codes while trying to download videos in Twitch leecher. This article will guide you how fix Twitch leecher error or An unexpected error occured

Fix Twitch Leecher Download Error

How to Fix Twitch Leecher Download Error

Twitch leecher is an open-source software that helps you to download videos from Twitch application. Its affable interface offers several easy ways to locate and download videos from wherever you want. When you run the Twitch leecher, you will find a search button. When you click on the icon, a search bar will appear where you can find what you are searching for. All you need to do is to paste the video’s link or user name of the broadcaster in the search bar which in turn lists out many videos. Choosing the one you want begins the download process immediately.

Now, lets look into the causes that might possibly be the reason behind Twitch resource format not supported or leecher download error.

  • Internal infrastructure problem – Sometimes Twitch leecher error occurs if the entire infrastructure is down, which already happened once. If this is the scenario, then you have to wait until it gets resolved by itself as they are completely beyond our control.
  • Outdated Twitch leecher version – When the infrastructure problem happened earlier, it scrambled the download function of Twitch leecher application. If this is the case, then it is highly possible that the version of Twitter leecher you are using might come up with this Twitch leecher download error. Hence, ensure to check and perform Twitch leecher update.

Hopefully by now you understood the cause behind Twitch an unexpected error has occurred problem. Therefore, to resolve it check out the list of methods given below.

Method 1: Install Latest Twitch Leecher Version

Twitter Leecher is an open-source software made by an independent developer. It performs certain workflow process and manages to download content inside the Twitch platform. However, if Twitch goes through certain changes, then it might break the leecher program for time being which needs to be resolved by the developer.

  • As far as this project is concerned, the Twitch leecher developer actively participate in addressing the existing bugs and errors and release the latest version by fixing the problem.
  • Hence, ensure you are running the application using its latest upgraded version.

If you are using the outdated model, follow the steps given below and perform Twitch leecher update.

1. Press the Windows key and type control panel then, click Open to launch the Control Panel application.

open control panel

2. Set View by > Category, then select Programs setting.

Select Programs

3. Click on the Uninstall a program under the Programs and Features section.

Click the Uninstall a program option

4. On the Programs and Features page, locate the outdated version of Twitter Leecher you are using. Right-click on the respective program and click Uninstall as shown.

Click Uninstall. Fix Twitch Leecher Download Error

5. To start the uninstallation process, select Uninstall button on the Twitter Leecher confirmation prompt.

Select Uninstall

6. Once the uninstallation is successfully done, click Finish to exit the Setup Wizard.

Click Finish. Fix Twitch Leecher Download Error

To re-install the latest version of Twitch leecher, follow the instructions closely.

7. Go to Twitch Leecher GitHub repository and find the new version which usually comes with a tag saying Latest. Here, click on the link to download the setup file.

Note: TwitchLeecher_2.0.7.exe is the file used here as it is the current latest version available.

Download the setup file Fix Twitch Leecher Download Error

8. It takes few minutes to download the executable file. Once it is downloaded, double-click the highlighted setup file to run the installation.

open the setup file Fix Twitch Leecher Download Error

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9. Now, a UAC (User Account Prompt) popup occurs. Click Yes on it to grant admin access.

10. Click the Next button to start the execution of latest Twitch Leecher setup file.

Click Next to start the installation process Fix Twitch Leecher Download Error

11. Here, check mark the I accept the terms of the above License Agreement and click Next to proceed with further process.

Checkmark the license agreement and click Next

12. Choose the desired folder where you want to install the latest Twitch Leecher setup file and click Next.

Note: For Twitch Leecher 2.0.7 installation folder, at least 325MB disk space is required. Ensure the storage target is met. If not, click the Browse button and select a different location to save the installation folder.

Select desired folder and click Next

13. To finalize the installation, click Install.

Select Install Fix Twitch Leecher Download Error

14. Once the latest version of Twitch Leecher program is successfully installed, select the Finish button to exit the Setup Wizard.

Click Finish Fix Twitch Leecher Download Update Error

At last, launch the upgraded Twitch leecher version and try downloading a video. Here, check if you can download it without any problem.

If this method worked out for you, then it is well and good. If not, move down to the upcoming method.

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Method 2: Infrastructure Downfall

Remember that the happening of Twitch leecher download error is not new. If none of the other solution worked out, then there is nothing you can do. This is because this instance has occurred multiple times earlier and the ability to resolve this problem by ourselves is out of our scope if infrastructure is the reason behind it.

The infrastructure as well as steam link goes down if there is any change in the Twitch architecture which actually affects the third-party downloader like Twitch leecher. Hence, it is imperative to modify the current operable version of Twitch leecher relevantly with respect to Twitch application.

Twitch Leecher Download Update Error Message

One needs to wait until this situation is resolved by the developer. Therefore, it is recommended to wait for few hours. Then, launch Twitch leecher after some time and check if Twitch an unexpected error has occurred problem is fixed. If the Twitch leecher download error exists, then the only option available is to use an alternative third-party downloader software to download videos.

Method 3: Use Third-Party Downloader

If you have waited long enough for Twitch restoration and don’t have the patience to continue so, then you can consider an alternative software to download videos via Twitch. However, note that most of such third-party downloader software are made by independent developers. So, if the Twitch application goes through a major change, then it eradicates each and every such downloader as they all use similar method.

Nevertheless, there is no harm to try other downloader options. If you are lucky, it may work. Here is a list of other applications which allows you to download various content via Twitch.

1. 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is a free tool developed to download high quality YouTube videos in an easier way. Today, the site is developed greatly and offers variety of in-built features such as subtitles, 3D effects, etc.

4K Video Downloader Fix Twitch Leecher Download Update Error

2. UnTwitch

UnTwitch is a widely-known site used by people to download short content from Twitch streamer. This website is super user friendly and let you choose the required video resolution to download as per your necessity.

UnTwitch twitch an unexpected error has occurred

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3. Savieo

Savieo is one of the easiest websites available online today to download various contents from Twitch. This site acts as a best alternative option to create backup videos.

Savieo twitch an unexpected error has occurred

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is Twitch Leecher legit?

Ans. Yes, the Twitch leecher is a legitimate and safe program. This software is a fantastic choice to download videos for watching it offline. They are well-known for its reliability. It works fast and majorly used for backup purposes.

Q2. Is Twitch leecher compatible on mobile phone?

Ans. Unfortunately, Twitch leecher does not work on your mobile phones. It is only compatible with Windows 10/8/7.


Let us know which method worked out for you to fix Twitch leecher download error. Feel free to reach out to us for any suggestions or queries via comment section given below.

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