Fix Titanfall 2 Error 429 on Xbox

Titanfall 2 is one of those first-person shooter games that gained rampant popularity ever since its launch. Due to its top-class dynamics, visual and audio graphics that excited the gameplay experience, and multi-device presence and support, the game turned out to be the titan for gamers. When it comes to gaming on consoles and that too on Xbox, there could barely be a stone left unturned. It just shoots up. However, that’s not everything that shoots rather minor bugs and errors are quite common in Xbox gaming consoles. Titanfall 2 Error 429 on Xbox is often faced by users. In this article, we will make sure we can fix Titanfall 2 connection to server timed out on Xbox console for you.

Fix Titanfall 2 Error 429 on Xbox

How to Fix Titanfall 2 Error 429 on Xbox

In this article, you will get to know about the solutions for Titanfall 2 connection to server timed out on Xbox issue.

Reasons for Titanfall 2 Error 429 on Xbox

When there is a lack of proper connection between the server and the gaming device, either due to discrepancies in the game’s channel due to overload or minor default from the user side, this can trigger the issue. It can be just because the server is under overload of players to board anymore or is in the maintenance phase. Before we go through the fixes let us find out the reasons why this error stunts in the Titanfall 2 game on your console.

  • Poor Network Connection: This is a common reason why users stumble across the issue. Let us be clear that the game requires extensive loading of files and even the Xbox console requires a good internet connection to function any online game properly.
  • Game or Xbox server down: Many times the game’s servers get overload due to its popularity which attracts more players to play the game. This could trigger an outage. Nonetheless, also Xbox servers steep downwards when it is under maintenance.
  • Storage insufficient: Lots of cache files, temporary data, and substantially filled internal storage can be the reasons.
  • Corrupted files: Improperly downloaded files or bugs affected files too turn potential reasons to cause the error.

How to Fix Titanfall 2 Connection to Server Timed Out on Xbox

Although this isn’t a major issue, the persistence of this can obstruct the user from playing the game. We have listed out some of the tried and tested methods for you. Let us look at the following methods.

Method 1: Wait for Game Server Uptime

Do not compromise on checking the Titanfall 2 game server status from the EA official help page or on Downdetector before moving forward to process any of the solutions. You do not have to rush through the process for absolutely no reason. If the servers are down, no matter what you do, it will not be effective until the servers revive.

Titanfall help page ea sports

Method 2: Wait for Xbox Services Server Uptime

If the server of the Titanfall 2 game seems to be absolutely fine and running, you should check the Xbox server status. Under maintenance, the Xbox servers seem to be disputed for a span of time and instate Titanfall 2 Error 429 on Xbox. Click to visit the Xbox Status page and ensure any kind of outages.

Xbox Server Status Page

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Method 3: Troubleshoot Network Connection

If you are facing issue while loading the game, we doubt that might be caused by obstructions in internet connectivity. Slow or unstable internet connectivity will result in this error. Low internet speed and unstable internet connection attract errors in form of Titanfall 2 Error 429 on Xbox console. If the connectivity is substandard, download proper files to run a game becomes difficult on a console. Follow these steps to test verify network connections on your Xbox One console:

1. Press the Xbox button to launch the guide.

2. Select Profile & system from the menu.

3. Click on Settings.

select Profile and System and click on Settings. Fix Titanfall 2 Error 429 on Xbox

4. Choose General from the list of settings.

5. In the General tab, click on Network Settings.

select the Network settings option

6. On the right-hand side under Troubleshooting, click on Test network connection.

choose the Test network connection option. Fix Titanfall 2 Error 429 on Xbox

7. Then, go to Network settings again and select Advanced settings, as shown below.

8. Now, select Alternative Mac address > Clear option.

Method 4: Revive Internet Connectivity

If in the last step, any sort of lag was shown in the network connection, you should reboot the source of the internet so that it would amplify a stable and faster connection.

1. Turn off the Power to your router for a few minutes.

Wireless router

2. Reboot it by turning it on now.

Now you can also check your internet speed on website.

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Method 5: Restart Xbox Console

If after trying all the above-provided methods you realize that the server and the internet connectivity both are up to the mark, we detect chances of Xbox did not carry out files properly while it started and this is just a glitch that can be fixed restarting your Xbox One console.

1. Press and hold the Xbox button in the centre of the controller until it launches Power Center.

2. Select the Restart console option.

Select Restart console. Fix Titanfall 2 Error 429 on Xbox

3. Click on Restart to confirm.

Method 6: Re-log into Xbox

There might be some issue with your ID that is logged in. It can also be related to issue with purchasing and playing the game, Sign out of the device and log in back to fix Titanfall 2 connection to server timed out on Xbox.

1. Press the Xbox button on the controller.

2. Navigate to Profile & system.

3. Click on the Sign out option.

select the Sign out option. Fix Titanfall 2 Error 429 on Xbox

4. Wait for some time and Sign in back by entering the credentials.

Method 7: Update Console

In the reasons that cause Titanfall 2 Error 429 on Xbox we learned that outdated software on any device can trigger errors because they attract bugs or glitches in a system. You can update it and check if that fixes the issue for you.

1. If your Xbox console is connected to the internet, press the Xbox button to launch the guide.

2. Select Profile & System and click on Settings.

select Profile and System and click on Settings. Fix Titanfall 2 Error 429 on Xbox

3. Select System from the settings menu.

4. Now click on Updates & downloads.

Open Updates and downloads

5. Finally select Update console.

If at this step, No console update available appears in grey, it is because it is already up-to-date.

6. Tick the checkbox for Keep my console up-to-date & Keep my games and apps up-to-date.

7. Reboot the Xbox One console to ensure the changes are immediately applied.

This will enable the Xbox to automatically check for software updates and install them.

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Method 8: Clear Cache Data from Xbox

When Xbox One console has not loaded properly, it could accumulate lots of temporary files that are corrupt. Additionally, it is worth noting that lots of cache files congest the game files and trigger issues when it launches or plays a game. The temporary cache data on your Xbox One may trigger Titanfall 2 Error 429 on Xbox. To clear cache data, we will have to perform a power cycle.

1. Press the Xbox Guide.

2. Navigate to Settings and select System Settings.

3. Now, select Storage and select the device that you want to clear.

select storage setting

4. Press the button from the Xbox controller.

5. From the Menu select Clear System Cache and confirm it by selecting Yes.   

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Method 9: Clear Reserved Space on Xbox

If you are still not able to run the game after clearing cache data, there is a chance your game files might be damaged. Deleting the saved data would damage the erroneous files.

1. On your Xbox One, open My games & apps on the home screen.

2. Click on See all and highlight Titanfall 2.

My games and apps in Xbox console

3. Press the Menu button using the controller.

4. Select Manage game & add-ons.

Xbox manage games and add ons. Fix Titanfall 2 Error 429 on Xbox

5. Select Saved Data.

select Saved data in Xbox game

6. Choose Reserved space.

7. Select the CLEAR RESERVED SPACE option.

clear reserved space in xbox game. Fix Titanfall 2 Error 429 on Xbox

8. Relaunch the game.

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Method 10: Reinstall Game on Xbox

Storage on Xbox reduces faster enough with high graphics and advanced games. Titanfall 2 can be uninstalled from the Xbox library by following the undermentioned steps.

1. Press the Xbox button and select My games & apps.

2. Click on See all, then select Games.

My games and apps in Xbox console

3. Navigate to Titanfall 2 and select the game.

4. Press the menu button on the controller.

5. From the pop-up, select Uninstall.

select uninstall option in Xbox Console

6. Click on Uninstall all to confirm.

select uninstall all option in xbox console

Now it is time to reinstall the game again. To reinstall Titanfall 2, follow the steps given below.

1. Press the Xbox button and again sneak into My games & apps.

2. Select Full Library option on the screen.

3. Now, select All Owned Games.

A dropdown will show all the games that were purchased previously, even though they have been uninstalled now from the Xbox console.

4. Highlight Titanfall 2 from the list and click on Install.


With these, we end the article here. Thank you for reading. We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to fix Titanfall 2 Error 429 on Xbox issue. Let us know which method worked for you the best. If you have any queries or suggestions, then feel free to drop them in the comments section below. Until then, keep shooting!

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