Fix Roku Error Code 018

Fix Roku Error Code 018

Roku is a famous hardware digital media player that provides online streaming of TV shows, online shows, and movies. Not just computers, but Roku also works well with other devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and other media-supporting devices. It is also great for people who love to binge on the latest TV shows and movies. Although being a great streaming device to have, it has been seen to face issues like Roku error 018. If you are someone dealing with the same problem, then we are here to help you with a perfect guide that will acquaint you with the ways to fix Roku error code 018. Let us dive straight into the reasons behind Roku internet connection error and legitimate methods to help with it.

Fix Roku Error Code 018

How to Fix Roku Error Code 018

Roku works on the Internet, just like other digital media platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, and others. It is also reliable on the broadband network. Therefore, if your network is slow or weak, you can encounter the error code 018 on your screen.

The most common reason for Roku internet connection error to appear as discussed above is problems related to Roku and wi-fi connection. Apart from it, other reasons behind it are listed below:

  • Incorrect credential details of Roku
  • Third-party firewalls
  • Software issues
  • An issue with the modem or router
  • Faulty wire connection

Although technical glitches and internet issues often lead to Roku connectivity error code 016, it can still be easily solved using the methods that are listed below in an orderly manner for you to try on your Roku device. So, let’s start with the first method:

Method 1: Troubleshoot Internet Connectivity

As internet connectivity is the main reason behind Roku error, it is important to check that first. If your internet is showing a weak signal or no connectivity, you can check it by connecting it to some other device. If the issue persists, your network is certainly faulty and you need to either reconnect it using an Ethernet cable or wait for the signal to get strong.

Reconnect using Ethernet cable. Fix Roku Error Code 018

Method 2: Power Cycle Roku

The next method to resolve Roku poor internet download speed is by power cycling Roku and the router. There are times when your router might be unable to provide a sufficient bandwidth internet connection to Roku. This happens due to the device overheating or due to a busy network. Therefore, power cycling is required to clear the cache data. Follow the steps given below to know how to attempt this method:

1. Unplug both Roku and router.

2. Now, wait for 5-6 minutes.

3. Plug Roku and router into the power source.

4. Turn on the device and see if the error code 018 is resolved.

Plug in Roku and route again

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Method 3: Remove Electromagnetic Objects

This method might not be the first choice for many Roku users but it is certainly a very important one. If you have checked your internet connection and have power cycled Roku and it has not provided you with any positive outcome then check if any electromagnetic objects are trying to absorb the wireless signals, if yes, then remove them. These objects can be in any form, like speakers, generators, and more which tend to absorb signals a lot. You can either remove the objects or place them at a distance from the router and Roku device.

 Remove electromagnetic objects. Fix Roku Error Code 018

Method 4: Use Mobile Data

If you are still encountering Roku error code 018 on your media device after removing possible electromagnetic objects then the internet connectivity to run Roku seems to be quite low. In this case, you can try changing the internet network with your mobile hotspot. Providing a hotspot helps to connect Roku to fast internet and thus resolve the error code. Also, make sure that your mobile data is turned on for this method.

Note: The following steps are performed on iPhone 13.

1. Open Settings on your mobile.

Open Settings

2. Tap on Personal Hotspot.

Tap on Personal Hotspot. Fix Roku Error Code 018

3. Toggle on Allow Others to Join.

Toggle on Allow Others to Join

4. Now, connect Roku to your mobile hotspot. Once connected, run Roku again and check if Roku error 018 issue is settled.

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Method 5: Update Roku

Another method to resolve Roku internet connection error is to Update Roku. Roku poor internet download speed maybe because your device is not up to date. Many issues apart from internet connectivity can also arise from using an outdated version. Thus, updating it with the newest version is effective.

1. To open the home screen on Roku, press the home button on the remote.

press home button on roku remote

2. Now, select System to opt for System update next.

3. In System update, select Check now to look for available updates.

select check now option in roku system update

4. If an update is available for your Roku device, it will be automatically installed. Once it is done, restart the device and check if Roku connectivity error code 016 issue is resolved.

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Method 6: Change DNS Settings

If the ethernet cable is connected to Roku and it is still showing no internet connection leading to Roku error 018 then you must tweak some DNS settings. This issue can arise due to DNS cache, therefore changing the DNS server is important to resolve it.

1. Plug out the router to stop internet access to Roku.

2. Open Settings on Roku and select System Settings.

Open Settings and select System Settings

3. Select Advanced system settings and choose Factory reset.

4. Now, open the router panel and select DNS settings.

5. Set as DNS Server 1 address and as DNS server 2 address.

6. Now that you have tweaked DNS settings, start your Roku device to see if Roku poor internet download speed has been resolved.

Method 7: Contact Internet Service Provider

If the mobile hotspot is not an option for you to deal with Roku poor internet download speed, then you can try to contact your Internet Service Provider. The bandwidth of your internet maybe less than 6 MBPS causing the error to occur. In this case, you can ask the ISP to increase it up to 10 MBPS for Roku to operate.

Method 8: Contact Roku Customer Support

If you are still struggling with Roku error code 018 on your media device after trying all the above-stated methods then you should contact Roku Support for further help. It is possible that due to some unknown internal glitch Roku connectivity error code 016 is displaying on your screen. Therefore, explain the issue to the professionals for a better way out.

Contact Roku Support. Fix Roku Error Code 018

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What does Roku error code 018 mean?

Ans. Error code 018 on Roku occurs due to a problem with the internet connection. This problem can either be weak internet connectivity or issues with the router.

Q2. How to check the Roku connection?

Ans. You can check your Roku connection using your Roku device. In Settings, locate Network and check for the network strength.

Q3. How can I deal with a slow internet connection on Roku?

Ans. You can ensure a strong internet connection by contacting your internet service provider. Other than that, you can also contact Roku support for more help.

Q4. How can I fix the poor internet download speed on Roku?

Ans. To deal with poor internet download speed on Roku, make sure that only Roku is connected to your wi-fi and all other devices are positively disconnected. Also, try to place the router nearer to your Roku device for a better network.

Q5. Why am I unable to connect Roku to the internet?

Ans. The problem in connecting Roku to the internet can arise due to Roku apps or issues with the Roku remote. In this case, check the batteries of your remote or enable mobile apps on Roku.


Technological errors in media devices are inevitable. Whether it be technological issues or internal glitches, errors on online media devices are quite commonly seen to occur. The same is the case with Roku error code 018 which most users have encountered due to internet issues. We hope that our guide helped you in one way or another in resolving this problem. Let us know which one of the methods turned out to be productive for you. If you have any other queries about error code 018 or suggestions to give, please leave them down below.

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