How to Fix Error Code 2123-1502 on Nintendo Switch

Learn effective solutions to unlock uninterrupted gaming on your Nintendo Console.

Nintendo Switch is a handy and one of the most preferred ways of playing video games around the world. However, after an update, the console might encounter minor issues, one of which is error code 2123-1502. Waiting for it to get resolved might be a struggle. Therefore, we have brought you a perfect guide to fix this issue on your Nintendo Switch with just a few easy solutions. So, let’s begin!

how to fix error code 2123-1502 on nintendo switch

How to Fix Error Code 2123-1502 on Nintendo Switch

Some mismatches in the configuration of consoles like Nintendo Switch are unavoidable. However, they are also very easy to solve, if you use the right methods. In this guide, you will explore some of the basic and advanced solutions that you can try. So, read on!

Quick Answer

To get Nintendo Switch to work seamlessly, clear the corrupt cache using these steps:

1. Open System Settings on the HOME menu.

2. Then, select System.

3. Now, open Formatting Options.

4. Finally, select Clear Cache.

What is Nintendo Switch Error Code 2123-1502?

Normally, when you try to download any updates, you see this error: There is something wrong with the system. The main reason players get Nintendo error code 2123-1502 is the DNS error or network mismatch. However, there are other causes as well:

  • Unexpected Sleep Mode
  • Network Error
  • Corrupt Cache
  • DNS Configuration Error
  • Firmware Issues

Let’s now find out some solutions for fixing the issue.

Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting Methods

Here are some basic troubleshooting methods that you can try before going for more advanced ones.

1A. Restart Device

If your device is stuck, then restarting it will solve the issue. It is also an easy process to do:

1. Press the power button for three to four seconds.

2. Once the device is powered off, wait for some time, and then follow the same method to turn it on.

Restart switch

1B. Restart Router

The router is a necessary part of your network management. However, as they are pieces of technology, there can be some technical errors. Therefore, the best way to solve them is to restart the router.

1. First, switch off the router using the power button.

Turn Off the router power button and turn it on again | How to Fix Error Code 2123-1502 on Nintendo Switch

2. Now, plug out its power cables to drain out the battery.

3. Next, after some time, plug its wires.

Router image on Unsplash

4. Finally, turn it on to get its connection back.

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1C. Disable Sleep Mode

Sleep mode is a low-powered mode, which means the background tasks are also happening in low-powered. Therefore, some functions of the console might not work properly. Here is how you can turn it off and fix error code 2123-1502 on Nintendo Switch:

1. Open the System Settings.

System Settings Nintendo 3DS

2. Go to Sleep Mode.

3. Select Auto-Sleep and change the settings to Never.

1D. Restart Download Process

When your Nintendo Switch download gets stuck, it might be due to a network error causing an unstable connection to the server. To fix this, try restarting the download. Remember, you can only restart the download if it’s paused.

1E. Turn on Airplane Mode

Airplane mode disables all radio frequencies. So, if you have network issues, turning on Airplane mode can help. Here are the steps for more details:

1. Open System Settings on Nintendo Switch, then go to Airplane Mode.

click on the System Settings gear icon | How to Fix Error Code 2123-1502 on Nintendo Switch

2. Turn on the Airplane Mode, wait for some time, and then turn it off again.

Now, check if the download is now started again.

Method 2: Clear Cache

Caches are an essential part to run your system effectively. They are system files that remember your task, and whenever you try to access the same feature again, the process becomes faster because of the cache. However, if there are too many of these important temporary files, that can cause many issues, including the one you are facing.

1. Open System Settings on the HOME menu.

2. Then, select System.

3. Now, open Formatting Options.

Open Formatting Options

4. Finally, select Clear Cache.

Select Clear Cache

After implementing it, rest your system.

Method 3: Reconfigure DNS

When the DNS servers are not matching the Nintendo Severs, you are bound to get error codes like 2123-1502 on Nintendo Switch. So, you have to fix the DNS as soon as possible and save your Nintendo Switch from other network-related issues. Follow the steps below to reconfigure DNS:

1. Open System Settings, and go to the Internet section.

2. Open the Internet Settings, then choose your network, i.e., Wi-Fi.

3. Set DNS Settings to Manual.

Select Manual.

4. Configure the DNS value to any public DNS.

Note: You can use this one, Primary DNS:, Secondary DNS:

5. Save it, and then restart the system.

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Method 4: Update Firmware

Firmware is an important component of the Nintendo Switch device. So, bigger problems than Error Code 2123-1502 may prevail if it is outdated. Therefore, we recommend you to update the Firmware by using the steps mentioned below:

1. Open the System Settings, then go to System.

2. Click on System Update located on the right pane, and download the latest Firmware.

Select System Update, to start the system update process | How to Fix Error Code 2123-1502 on Nintendo Switch

Now, restart the system and see if it solved the issue.

Method 5: Adjust MTU Value in Network Settings

Adjusting the MTU values can also help you fix error code 2123-1502 on Nintendo Switch.

1. Open System Settings.

2. Select Internet Settings, then go to Connection Settings.

Nintendo wii Connection settings Internet

3. Choose the desired connection file to edit, and click on Change Settings.

4. Pick the right arrow to open the MTU Value. Then, click on the back arrow and clear the previous entry.

Note: MTU value depends on the network type, i.e., for cable internet connection it is commonly 1500, for DSL internet connection it is commonly 1492.

5. Select OK, then Save, then OK again.

6. Click on Test.

It will begin the connection test.

Method 6: Contact Support

If none of the methods mentioned above is not working, in that case, contacting the support team is a good option. You can either contact them from the official Nintendo Switch Twitter Page, and tag the account explaining your problem, or you can use the official support page and explain your issue there.

Nintendo Switch Support Page

This brings us to the end of our guide on how to fix error code 2123-1502 on Nintendo Switch. If you still have any questions, then don’t forget to ask them in the comment section. You can also suggest us a new topic, and we will try to write a dedicated article on that. Thank you for reading.

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