Elon Musk Tweets Good Content Bots Get Twitter API for Free

After taking over Twitter, Elon Musk has started launching various methods to make money for the company, which is currently $12.5 Billion in debt. After the mass layoff, Twitter began charging $1000 for Golden checkmark. Twitter will now also introduce paid basic tier for people to be able to use their API from 9 February. Now, just days before the release of the paid API Elon Musk tweets Good Content Bots get Twitter API for Free.

Elon Musk Tweets Good Content Bots get Twitter API for Free

While replying to a tweet Elon Musk tweeted, “Responding to feedback, Twitter will enable a light, write-only API for bots providing good content that is free”.

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Earlier in that thread, he revealed that the free API was being abused by scammers and manipulators. He tweeted, “Yeah, free API is being abused badly right now by bot scammers & opinion manipulators. There’s no verification process or cost, so easy to spin up 100k bots to do bad things. Just ~$100/month for API access with ID verification will clean things up greatly.” This revealed further information on the tweet made by the Twitter Dev.

Elon Musk Tweets Good Content Bots get Twitter API for Free

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The Twitter Dev team responsible for all the updates and news about Twitter said in their tweet, “Starting February 9, we will no longer support free access to the Twitter API, both v2 and v1.1. A paid basic tier will be available instead 🧵” They revealed that they plan to introduce a paid basic tier for people to use Twitter API. In the thread, they further tweeted, “Twitter data are among the world’s most powerful data sets. We’re committed to enabling fast & comprehensive access so you can continue to build with us. We’ll be back with more details on what you can expect next week.”

Elon Musk Tweets Good Content Bots get Twitter API for Free

While Elon Musk stated that bots with good content will get a free write-only API no further information was released about what constitutes Good Content. It is also unclear if the API will be free only for the existing API and not for future APIs with Good Content.

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