Does My Motherboard have Bluetooth?

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Bluetooth refers to a short-range wireless technology that allows the devices to data exchange and communicate with each other. Generally, some motherboards have built-in Bluetooth but many don’t. Therefore, you might ask does my motherboard in PC or computer have Bluetooth? To get an answer to this question, keep reading!

Does my motherboard have you Bluetooth

Does my Computer Motherboard have Bluetooth? 

If a Wi-Fi card is installed in your motherboard, then there are chances that there is an integrated Bluetooth chip with it. Even if there is a separate Wi-Fi expansion card on the PCIe slot, it should be Bluetooth-supported. Below are a few ways you can try to check:

Method 1: Through Device Manager

The Device Manager is used for checking and managing the system’s hardware. Therefore, you can access it to check for Bluetooth. Follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Open the Run Command box by pressing the Windows key + R key.

2. Type devmgmt.msc and click OK to device manager.

Type devmgmt.msc and click OK

3. Search for Bluetooth in the hardware list.

Search for Bluetooth in the hardware list

If you find Bluetooth in your list, it means your motherboard has Bluetooth.

Method 2: Through Control Panel

To check Bluetooth availability, you can use the Control Panel. Follow the steps mentioned below: 

1. Open Control Panel.

2. Click on Hardware and Sound

Select Hardware and Sound | does my motherboard have bluetooth

3. Click on Device Manager under Devices and Printers.

Click on Device Manager under Devices and Printers

4. Search for Bluetooth.

Search for Bluetooth in the hardware list | does my motherboard have bluetooth

You will be able to make sure your device supports Bluetooth.

Method 3: Check for Antenna Ports in Motherboard 

If antenna posts are available on your motherboard, it has a built-in wireless connection. This indicates that you have Bluetooth on your device.

Method 4: Check Motherboard Spec Sheet

The motherboard spec sheet has detailed information about its contents. You can access the spec sheet to determine if it has Bluetooth. In order to check, search by putting in your motherboard model spec sheet on the internet. Open the official site and check the details. You’ll get to know every information regarding Bluetooth availability.

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What is a Bluetooth Motherboard Card? 

Bluetooth motherboard card refers to a device that adds Bluetooth functionality to a computer motherboard. Your computer can be wirelessly connected to your Bluetooth devices.

Does My Motherboard Have Wi-Fi? 

To check if your motherboard has Wi-Fi or not, you need to check out the information which is usually specified by the manufacturers. You can check it by visiting the store page to look out for the product information.

Motherboard model number

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Does Motherboard Come with Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi? 

Nowadays, both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have become common for the motherboards. However, not every motherboard supports both. These features are mostly excluded in lower-end motherboards so you can check your motherboard model to be sure.

Many motherboards in the market come with built-in Bluetooth functionality. Even if motherboards don’t have built-in Bluetooth, the best option is to purchase an adapter. We hope that this article on does my motherboard have Bluetooth answered your query. Keep reading our blog and leave your queries below.

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