Discord to Use ChatGPT on All Servers

Users on Discord may soon notice new tools on their feed as the streaming platform plans to integrate AI technology into their ecosystem. In a blog post shared by Discord, the company announced that Discord to use ChatGPT on all servers on an experimental basis. The plan is to update the already existing Discord chatbot Clyde and integrate it with OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Discord to Use ChatGPT on All Servers

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By integrating ChatGPT into Discord chatbot Clyde, the company hopes to make it a more interactive and talkative chatbot for users. Soon, Clyde will be able to answer questions and converse with users to help them with their queries. The new AI-supported chatbot will be similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing Chat feature. The new development is a part of continuous attempts to introduce generated AI technology in the social media platform and make the experience more human-like.

During the experiment period, the Clyde chatbot will be available for free to the users and will be available on limited servers. Eventually, Discord admins will be able to introduce Clyde on their chats so users can use it to ask questions and resolve queries. Discord users will also be able to direct text Clyde with their queries; however, users will not be able to use Clyde to converse with their friends.

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In the coming months, Discord plans to make new changes a fundamental part of its chat experience. In recent months similar developments were also seen with Microsoft when the company invested more than $10 billion in OpenAI to integrate more AI-based technologies in its products. Clyde is an already popular chatbot for the platform, however, now that Discord uses ChatGPT on all servers and integrates this technology with its chatbot, it is likely the chat and experience on the platform will be advanced greatly. However, it remains to be seen how soon these changes are provided to all the users on the platform.

Source: Discord Blog

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