Destiny 2 Released Hotfix

Destiny 2 released Hotfix update after long server downtime. The update has brought in much-needed fixes for the issues faced by the players while playing the game. And the most important issue is now fixed which has been there since the Lightfall expansion launch.

Destiny 2 released Hotfix

Not every bug will be fixed because of this update but it will certainly address some problems that relate to the game’s damage glitches, the newly revamped build crafting, exotic weapons, weekly Deepsight weapon pattern chest, and a few quality-of-life changes, and much more.

After a major content release takes place bugs and glitches are common and the developers are therefore always ready to resolve these issues as soon as they come to light. Recently the players are uncovering these issues at an alarming rate following the launch of Lightfall.

Some bugs were indirectly helping the players for levelling up easily while bugs were harmless. The most common and famous bug was the invulnerability glitch in the campaign missions of Destiny 2: Lightfall. The issues had a game-breaking nature because they led to one or several parts of the game being deprecated or disabled until it was fixed.

Bungie has a swift response to the in-game bugs and until the Invisibility glitch is fixed the developers are planning to delay the Iron Banner Crucible event. The players discovered that the enemies’ damage was linked to a player’s FPS soon after the launch of Lightfall. Cabal Thresher aerial ships were considered the most notorious perpetrators of this issue.

Destiny 2 released Hotfix update patch will try to adjust the damage output of the Threshers and another bug that made the EDZ unavailable to some players will also be fixed. The post-mission timer is increased which will allow the players to freely give out commendations. The patch also looked after and adjusted the Lost Sector-related objectives for the progression of the Guardian Rank.

For Raiders there is good news because the Deepsight puzzle chest that was earlier bugged is now fixed and now anyone who will meet the requirement will be rewarded correctly. Other raid-related issues are also fixed. The Two-Tailed Fox’s Catalyst is now working properly.

The patch addressed balance-breaking and progression-halting issues but there are some issues that still have to be addressed like the bugs like Smoke Bomb one-shotting players in the Crucible that are appearing almost daily. We cannot expect that the game will receive any further hotfix before the mid-season update that has been announced.

Patch notes for Destiny 2 Hotfix


Raids and Dungeons

1. Shattered Throne

  • The issue where the dungeon node was not visible to some players is fixed now.

2. Root of Nightmares

  • The issue where players, after the weekly reset, were being locked out of the Red Border Chest is now resolved.
  • In the Zo’aurc encounter the Focused Light and Focused Darkness were not triggering but now this issue has been resolved.
  • The issue where sunlight enemies were getting damaged through their shields using the Colony Exotic Grenade Launcher is now fixed.
  • The bug that helped the players to equip raid mods without obtaining them has been fixed now.


  • The issue where the damage of Cabal Threshers was more than actually intended is fixed now.
  • There was an issue where for some players the European Dead Zone node was not unlocking is fixed now.


1. Weapons

  • The issue where Winterbite Exotic Glaive benefitted from increasing perks of Glaives damage is fixed now.
  • Projectile Label was being shown at Glaive melee feed kills was an issue that has been fixed now.
  • The issue where the Arc volley was not firing properly has been fixed now.
  • To some players, the weapon mods were not available but now this issue has been resolved.

2. Armor Mods

  • The issue where the artifact perks were deactivated due to equipping too many passive Armor Charge benefits is fixed now.
  • The Empowered Finish has been changed that was used to count as a finisher mod for mutual exclusivity. The mod cannot be equipped along with the finisher mod that consumes the Armor Charge stacks.
  • The melee perks will no longer be triggered by the Untangler Artifact perk.


  • The issue where the Mandarin voice-over was reverted to English is now fixed. This issue was introduced in


  • The time to give commendations to other players has been increased after they finish certain activities.
  • The requirement of Legend Lost Sector Solo Flawless and Legend Lost Sector Solo has been moved from Guardian Rank 7 to Guardian Rank 8 and the requirements of Master Lost Sector Solo Flawless and Master Lost Sector Solo have been moved from Guardian Rank 9 to Guardian Rank 10.

The players can keep the earned progress after the Lost Sector requirements move to a higher rank.

Source: Bungie Blog

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