Designer Creates AI Clock to Tell Time in Poem Form

Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm and pioneer among these is ChatGPT. It is being used by developers to create tools, apps and all sorts of new creations. One of the latest addition to this list is a designer creates AI clock to tell time in poem form.

Designer Creates AI Clock to Tell Time in Poem Form

The name of the designer is Matt Webb who made this revelation through his Twitter account. The tweet got a lot of attention resulting in him taking the matter further. It said, “I made an AI clock for my bookshelves! It composes a new poem every minute using ChatGPT and mysteriously has this enthusiastic vibe which I am totally into

This E Ink clock creates short two line rhymes that change every other minute of the day. Recently after garnering so much attention through his tweet Matt Webb has created a website in consideration with his AI clock. Here in the first stage, he is making plans to help out other developers for them to integrate similar capabilities in their apps and devices using ChatGPT.

He also revealed his plans of working on two verticals (1) they are putting together the list of parts, instructions, and code so that developers can build their own AI clock from scratch. But he isn’t sure about whether it would be a readymade kit to assemble or an online tutorial. (2) and an fully furnished product that won’t require any kind of assembling.

But according to Webb this kind of clock would be very costly to run due to the high prices of AI. An estimate says nearly $1.80/day. Therefore, he has come up with shared cloud service that will come in the form of a simple REST API named Poem – a new service. Matt says on this “Which means that if you’re a developer and want to build your own physical clock, screen saver, iPhone widget, projected window display or whatever, today, the API is here for you.”

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