Dead by Daylight Adds Nicolas Cage as a Playable Character and Stuns Audiences at Summer Game Fest 2023

Today marked the highly anticipated premiere of the Summer Game Fest, treating audiences to a captivating display of new game reveals, thrilling trailers, and enticing updates for a multitude of games featured in an action-packed presentation. One highly interesting surprise was Dead by Daylight Added Nicolas Cage as a Playable Character which stunned the audience at the Summer Game Fest 2023.

Dead by Daylight Adds Nicolas Cage as a Playable Character and Stuns Audiences at the Summer Game Fest
Pic Credit: Summer Game Fest 2023/Dead By Daylight

Award-winning actor Nicolas Cage made a surprise appearance at the Summer Game Fest 2023 to announce his involvement in the popular video game Dead by Daylight. Joined on stage by host Geoff Keighley, the renowned star expressed his enthusiasm for new adventures and saw joining a video game as the perfect next step in his career. Cage eagerly anticipated reaching a whole new audience of video game fans through this collaboration. Read about the release date below!

According to Cage, the decision to appear in Dead by Daylight was an instant one, taking only a split-second to say yes. He even revealed that a family member of his is a dedicated fan of the game, further solidifying his excitement. In the game, Cage will be portraying an exaggerated version of himself, venturing into a mysterious wooded area under the impression that he’s part of a movie shoot. However, his character awakens in a foggy, perilous environment surrounded by crows and bloodthirsty serial killers, resulting in a comically amusing situation.

Cage is lending not just his likeness but also his voice to the character, including screams, grunts, and subtle expressions of frustration. Dead by Daylight players can anticipate his arrival on July 25 for both PC and consoles, with PC players having the opportunity to participate in the Player Test Build from July 5.

While Cage’s involvement in Dead by Daylight has been grabbing headlines, he also recently portrayed Dracula in the film Renfield. Outside of his acting career, Cage has shared intriguing thoughts on the afterlife, including his belief in having memories from his time in his mother’s womb. His decision & announcement to join the game reflects his adventurous spirit and desire to engage with a new audience. With his addition launched at Summer Game Fest, both PC and console gamers eagerly await the opportunity to embody the iconic actor, Nicolas Cage, as a playable character and venture into the foggy world of Dead by Daylight.

Source: Summer Game Fest 2023

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