Cherry Blossom Shrine Built by Minecraft Player

A post has surfaced in which Cherry Blossom Shrine Built by Minecraft Player can be seen. The project size is not as expansive one but it has a very beautiful atmosphere that is very similar to a shrine.

Cherry Blossom Shrine Built by Minecraft Player

Mojang has added a cherry blossom biome in the 1.20 update of Minecraft that contains gorgeous trees that have petals of pink colour. This can also be used as a new type of wood. More avenues for the players to create news structures and buildings due to the newly added layer.

DungeonMaster1412 is the Minecraft player who has created the cherry blossom shrine and the structure was completed with a Torii Gate. He shared the post of his creation on Minecraft subreddit. A mixture of wood and stone with moss has been used to create the two-story structure. It gives an impression of the shrine that existed for a long time in that area.

Some different brighter colors such as orange, blue, and red are used to make the structure pop so that it can also perfectly fit in in the middle of the cherry blossom shrine. The same variety of stone and wood and also dazzling colors have been also applied to the Torii Gate.

The shrine has received positive reactions as the post gained over 9k upvotes. The top comments on the post have proved how beautifully the structure has been created. DungeonMaster1412 has responded to the comments it can be inferred that they spent almost a day studying and understanding Japanese architecture in order to create the structure perfectly. They also revealed that the tree behind the shrine took almost 4-5 hours to complete.

The Cherry Blossom Shrine Built by Minecraft Player can be considered a perfect example of what the 1.20 update of Minecraft is capable of. The players of Minecraft and the game are already famous for the phenomenal creativity they put forward and the new updates just push the creativity forward. The update was out recently and players like DungeonMaster1412 have already created so many beautiful and incredible structures and buildings.

No one can doubt the fact that more new structures will be created by the community in the coming days and every project, be it new or old, is going to reach its full potential.

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