ChatGPT Users Report Being Able to See Others’ Conversation Histories

If ChatGPT was a person, it would have intriguing stories to tell about the weird queries it faces every day. Thankfully, it’s an AI. But seeing others’ conversation history can be an uncanny nightmare, which came alive for some users. ChatGPT users report being able to see others’ conversation histories.

ChatGPT Users Report Being Able to See Others’ Conversation Histories

On 20 March, 2023 some ChatGPT users reported seeing other people’s conversation histories. Jordan L Wheeler, a Twitter User tweeted about the problem, saying, “If you use #ChatGPT be careful! There’s a risk of your chats being shared to other users! Today I was presented another user’s chat history. I couldn’t see contents, but could see their recent chats’ titles.”

This isn’t the case with just a single user, another user posted on Reddit an image of conversation history stating, “Has ChatGPT or me been hacked? Ive never had these conversations..” It can be scary to see random chat history on your ChatGPT and leave the person concerned about their privacy and cyber security.

OpenAI claims to deeply care about its users’ safety. On the ChatGPT General FAQ page, one of the most frequently asked question is “Who can view my conversations?” to which they answer, “As part of our commitment to safe and responsible AI, we review conversations to improve our systems and to ensure the content complies with our policies and safety requirements.” After this incident, it does not feel that safe and responsible.

The ChatGPT General FAQ itself suggests “Please don’t share any sensitive information in your conversations.” Stay safe while using AI and stay tuned to TechCult to know everything about technology.

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