ChatGPT-Like Bot For Game Recommendation Built by Gamer

ChatGPT-Like Bot For Game Recommendation Built by Gamer

A ChatGPT-Like Bot for game recommendation built by gamer. The AI created by the gamer is similar to the famous ChatGPT AI. This bot version is specially created and focuses on giving game recommendations to gamers who love purchasing new gaming titles.

ChatGPT-Like Bot For Game Recommendation Built by Gamer

The game recommendation bot is in its early stages, the ChatGPT-inspired bot can be useful for the gamers who have indecisive nature and are always trying new games. If we talk about AI bots and the rise of people’s interest in artificial intelligence, then ChatGPT is the leading example.

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I built a ChatGPT-like bot that suggests games based on over 100k posts and comments from r/ShouldIbuythisgame. from gaming

Due to the incredibly complex technology that AI holds people around the world have successfully managed to create impressive things in a short time span. The same tasks earlier took months and years to complete but ChatGPT has somehow reduced the time of completing the tasks.

Users can use ChatGPT for a lot of purposes ranging from taking help with homework questions to building video games. The platform became so valuable due to its infinite use that other competitors also began building their own versions of ChatGPT.

MadRedditScientist is the Reddit user who shared the post of their new AI bot creation to the r/gaming subreddit. The ChatGPT-Like Bot for game recommendation built by gamer contains and uses data from more than one hundred thousand comments and posts from the subreddit r/ShouldIbuythisgame. Many people, for gaming purposes, have been using ChatGPT, but this bot has been inspired by AI and can become a very useful tool.

The user has used the search bar to ask the bot if a particular game is worth buying and the data presented is based on the r/ShouldIbuythisgame subreddit. MadRedditScientist has admitted that this creation is not a perfect one, although the bot is very impressive due to the functionality it offers.

The bot was found giving outdated information and also on some occasions, it was making things up. The answers were also generated at a slow speed. Despite all these limitations, the creator is confident of the fact that these issues can be fixed by providing more data to the bot. A lot of people from different walks of life are using ChatGPT and it is interesting to know that someone attempted to create a bot that will specifically focus on gaming.

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According to MadRedditScientist, for now, the bot is just an experiment but it can be considered a great example of the future wonders that AI will bring to the gaming world. People may or may not welcome AI but there’s no doubt about the fact that it will become a major part of the future. AI has excellent potential if we talk about making life simpler and difficult tasks easier.

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