How to Charge your Android Phone Battery Faster

Our mobile phones have become an extension of ourselves. There is seldom any time when we are not using our mobiles. Irrespective of how great is the battery backup on your device, it will get drained out at one point or the other. Depending on your usage you might have to charge your phone at least once or twice in a day. This is the part that no one likes, and we wish that our devices get charged up in no time.

Especially in situations when you need to step out and your device is low on battery. Smartphone manufacturers understand that people love it when their device gets charged quickly. As a result, they keep developing new and advanced technology like fast charging, rapid charging, flash charging, etc. We certainly have come a long way in terms of innovation and greatly reduced the time it takes to charge the battery. The tech companies are constantly upgrading and doing their part to ensure that you do not have to wait for long for your device to get charged. Additionally, there are a few things that you can do to hasten this process. This is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article. We are going to lay down some tips and tricks that you can try to charge your Android phone battery faster.

How to Charge your Android Phone Battery Faster

How to Charge your Android Phone Battery Faster

1. Turn Off your mobile

The best way to make sure that your battery gets charged quickly is to turn off your mobile while charging it. If your phone is left on, then, it will still have a few background processes running. This consumes battery to some extent. If you turn it off, it eliminates all avenues of power consumption. In this way, every bit of the power transferred is used to charge the battery, and there is absolutely no loss.

Restart your phone to fix the issue

A lot of people tend to use their phones constantly, even when it is on a charge. Watching videos, texting people, scrolling through social media, etc. are some of the things that need to be avoided while the device is charging. It would also be a helpful practice for people who are addicted to their phones. By turning it off, they will be able to put aside their phone at least while it is charging.

2. Put in on Airplane Mode

Now some devices automatically turn on when connected to a charger. Apart from that, some people can’t switch off their phones completely. The alternate solution to that is you turn on Airplane mode on your device. In Airplane phone, your phone will be disconnected from any network or Wi-Fi. It will also turn off your Bluetooth. This significantly contributes to reducing the battery consumption of your device. An Android smartphone consumes a lot of power to search for networks actively, and while it is connected to the Wi-Fi. If these are disabled while charging, then your phone will automatically get charged faster.

Bring down your Quick Access Bar and tap on Airplane Mode to enable it | Charge Android Phone Battery Faster

3. Use only the Original Charger

It is a common human tendency to plug in any charger to the socket and connect our phone to it. It might start charging, but it is not the right thing to do as it can damage the battery. Every smartphone has a different voltage and ampere rating and should not be randomly mixed and matched even if it fits.

A lot of people tend to connect their phones to their laptops to charge them. This is not a great idea as the power output is pretty low, and it might take hours to charge. The best solution would be to use the original charger and a wall socket. Especially, if your device supports fast charging or rapid charging, then the fastest way to charge your device is to use the original  fast charger that came in the box. No other charger will be able to charge your device faster.

Some devices even support wireless charging. However, they are not as good as wired chargers in terms of time taken to charge a device. If you want to charge your device before going out quickly, a good old wired charger, connected to a wall socket is the way to go.

4. Turn on Battery Saver 

Every Android smartphone has a dedicated battery saver mode. This comes in very handy when the battery is running low, and you do not want your phone’s battery to die. Battery saver mode can extend the battery life by a couple of hours at least. However, it also has a second beneficial use. If you turn on your Battery saver while charging your device, then your phone will charge faster. This is because Battery saver restricts a lot of Background processes and cuts down unnecessary power consumption. As a result, it reduces the time it takes to charge the battery completely.

Toggle ‘Battery Saver’ ON and now you can optimize your Battery | Charge Android Phone Battery Faster

5. Keep a Power bank Handy

Not exactly a means to charge your phone faster but having a power bank on a person is a good idea, especially if you have to travel a lot. It isn’t easy to find time on our busy schedule to get tethered to a wall socket. In this situation, having a power bank can allow you to charge your device while on the move. If you purchase a good quality power bank, then it is capable of giving the same power output as a wall socket. As a result, your device will take almost the same time to get charged as in the case of a wall socket.

Keep a Power bank Handy

6. Prevent your phone from getting heated up

A lot of Android smartphones have the tendency to get heated up while charging. This harms the charging process. Smartphone batteries are mostly lithium-ion batteries, and they charge much faster when the battery is cool. Therefore, please prevent your phone from getting heated up while charging.

A simple hack would be to remove the protective case, and that will allow better dissipation of heat. Keep in mind that you do not need to artificially cool it by placing it in front of a cooler or air conditioner. The ideal temperature is between 5C and 45C, and thus your room temperature would be fine. Remove the protective casing, and that should do the trick.

7. Use a Good Cable

The USB cable that is provided in the box is probably the first thing that gets worn out. This is due to extensive and rough usage. People don’t care about how their cables are lying or whether or not they are getting twisted in the wrong way as it inexpensive compared to the other components. As a result, it loses its potency, and thus it is not able to transfer enough power while charging.

Check the Charging Cable or Use a Good Cable | Charge Android Phone Battery Faster

In this case, what you need to do is purchase a new USB cable. Make sure to get a good quality USB cable for your phone. It would be better to go for the comparatively expensive option to make sure that its power output is higher. You can use a third-party app called Ampere to measure the charging and discharging rate of your device.

8. Pick Partial Charging over Full Charging

Lithium-ion batteries used in mobile phones are designed in such a way that they work best when they are charged in small multiple cycles. Most people believe that sometimes you need to completely discharge the battery and then charge it to the full capacity to improve battery life. However, this is a myth and completely wrong. In fact, when the battery gets completely drained out, the lead-acid cells can get be vulnerable to permanent damage.

Smartphone batteries are designed to extend battery life when the charge is low automatically. It starts operating at a low voltage which makes the battery last longer. This low voltage has a beneficial effect on the device. It increases the overall lifespan of a lithium-ion battery. Therefore, it is best to keep the device between 30 to 80 percent charged. When you charge your phone completely, then your battery operates at a higher voltage level which again is not that the best scenario in terms of overall lifespan. The ideal charging cycle should be around the 30-50 percent mark, and you should disconnect the charger at 80 percent.

Another common practice that you should avoid is over-night charging. A lot of smartphone users have the habit of leaving their phones on charge for the whole night. This does more harm than good. Although most smartphones have auto-cutoff, and there is no chance of overcharging, it still has some negative side-effects. When your phone is constantly connected to the charger, it can lead to plating of the metallic lithium. It also adds stress to the battery as it is forced to operate at high voltage for long durations. In some devices, excess heat is generated if the phone is left for overnight charging. Thus, it would be advisable to avoid doing so. Charging in small partial cycles is much better than complete charging cycles.


We hope that you find this information helpful and you were able to charge your Android Phone Battery Faster. Everyone wants their battery to get charged as fast as possible. The reason behind this is that we are heavily dependent on our phones and cannot bear the idea to keep it aside for long durations. It has become an inseparable part of our day to day lives. As a result, smartphone brands are constantly developing new tech that grants users more battery backup and faster-charging cycles. In addition to that, try implementing as many tips as possible, and you will notice and a significant reduction in the charging time.

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