Unveiling the Hottest Demos: 8 Captivating Steam Next Fest Games You Can’t Miss This June!

The gaming world is buzzing with excitement as Steam Next Fest brings a plethora of demos for upcoming games straight to your fingertips. This June, we have handpicked eight demos that promise to deliver unique and captivating experiences. From thrilling adventures to mind-bending puzzles, these demos showcase the creativity and innovation of the gaming industry. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the exciting world of gaming and explore these must-play demos!

Unveiling the Hottest Demos: 8 Captivating Steam Next Fest Games You Can't Miss This June!

1. Thronefall by GrizzlyGames

Are you tired of complex strategy games that leave you overwhelmed? Look no further! GrizzlyGames presents “Thronefall,” a strategy game that strips away unnecessary complexity while delivering thrilling gameplay. In this Q3 2023 release, saddle up your horses and witness your kingdom come to life. Prepare for gripping battles, defend your base, and still have time for lunch!

2. Garlant: My Story by Flt Studio

Embark on a journey as a Falconeye in the town of Garlant, where you strive to become a true adventurer. This peaceful town hides a perilous secret, with various monsters roaming the Doe region. Collaborate with the Doe Guild to defeat dominant bosses and restore safety to the area. Unravel the mysteries surrounding ancient technology and the missing Falconeye group in this engaging RPG.

3. Detective Ridelle by PuzzLab

Step into the shoes of Detective Ridelle in this first-person puzzle game with visual novel storytelling. You receive an anonymous invitation to a luxury train, only to find yourself caught in a murder mystery. Use your detective skills to uncover clues, interrogate suspects, and solve over 20 unique escape room puzzles. Can you catch the killer and bring them to justice?

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4. SlavicPunk: Oldtimer by Red Square Games

Immerse yourself in the dark and gritty world of Yanus, a private investigator on a quest to solve a case involving a stolen data carrier. Fight urban gangs, unravel the secrets of a nigh-omnipotent corporation, and battle your own inner demons. This isometric shooter with stealth elements, environmental puzzles, and captivating storytelling will keep you hooked.

5. Warhaven by NEXON

Experience dynamic melee combat in this tactical multiplayer game. Choose from a roster of unique soldiers and coordinate with your squad to outwit your opponents. Fight for control of strategic footholds and harness the power of the Immortals to turn the tide of battle. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned player, Warhaven’s fast-paced combat and customization options will keep you engaged.

6. Lies of P by NEOWIZ

As a puppet created by Geppetto, you find yourself entangled in a web of lies and must navigate a city plagued by madness and bloodlust. Adapt yourself and your weapons to face unimaginable monsters, unravel the city’s secrets, and make choices that will determine your fate. Dive into this soulslike adventure and discover the truth hidden behind the lies.

7. En Garde! by Fireplace Games

Join Adalia de Volador, a legendary swashbuckler, on her daring escapades filled with sword-fighting, satire, and comedy. Challenge the cruel Count-Duke and oppose tyranny with panache. This beautifully painted adventure will transport you to the golden age of swashbuckling and provide a thrilling and hilarious experience.

8. The Invincible by Starward Industries

Prepare to embark on a thrilling sci-fi adventure as Yasna, a sharp-witted astrobiologist. After crash-landing on the unexplored planet Regis III, you find yourself on a search mission for your lost crewmates. Every decision you make will have consequences as you navigate dangerous environments and unravel the mysteries of this alien world.

Steam Next Fest presents an incredible opportunity to get a taste of the gaming industry’s upcoming gems and game demos. The eight demos mentioned above offer a wide range of genres and gameplay styles, ensuring there’s something for everyone. So, don’t miss out on these captivating experiences and dive into the world of that await you.

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