Can You Use ATT TV in Different Houses?

Explore the possibilities and conditions to access ATT TV at multiple places.

Your ATT (AT&T) TV subscription plan provides live TV and on-demand content without requiring a cable box or satellite dish. Since it delivers content over the internet, you might wonder if you can use this plan to watch content on various devices simultaneously. This guide will discuss whether you can use the ATT TV plan in different houses with multiple-location streaming support.

Can You Use ATT TV in Different Houses?

Can You Use ATT TV in Different Houses?

Yes, you can use an ATT TV subscription in different houses. More specifically, this service allows you to stream on up to three devices at the same time when not connected to a home location. The home location is set automatically by ATT TV when you sign up for the service for the first time.

Moreover, it uses an IP address to determine the subscriber’s home location. Hence, all devices connected to the same IP address (home network) will be considered at home. The devices connected to a different IP address will be considered away from home.

Note: ATT TV and ATT TV NOW are no longer offered to new customers. However, existing customers can still access their service through DIRECTV STREAM.


Can You Use ATT TV in Multiple Locations?

Yes, you can use ATT TV in multiple locations. You are allowed to stream on only three devices away from your home network at the same time at multiple locations.

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Can Multiple People Watch ATT TV?

Yes, multiple people can watch using one ATT TV account at once from various houses. Regarding the exact number, users can watch on up to twenty devices simultaneously if all the devices are at home. When away from the home network, you can only stream on up to three devices at once using one ATT TV account.

Note: When you are streaming on multiple devices, be it live TV or on-demand content, all count as a user stream.

How Much Does ATT TV Cost a Month?

ATT TV offers several packages with varying prices to fit your needs. Some plans also include TV and internet plans bundled together. Let’s check out the different packages offered by AT&T TV and their prices below:

ATT TV Plans:

PackageNumber of ChannelsPrice Per Month
AT&T Entertainment160$64.99
AT&T Choice185$69.99
AT&T Ultimate250$89.99

ATT TV & Internet Packages:

PackageInternet SpeedNumber of ChannelsPrice
AT&T Internet 300 + Entertainment TV300 Mbps160$119.99
AT&T Internet 300 + Choice TV300 Mbps185$124.99
AT&T Internet 300 + Ultimate TV300 Mbps250$144.99

ATT Cable TV Packages:

PackageSpeedChannelsPhone PlanPrice
AT&T Internet 300 + Entertainment TV + Phone300 Mbps160Unlimited$154.98
AT&T Internet 300 + Choice TV + Phone300 Mbps185Unlimited$159.99
AT&T Internet 300 + Ultimate TV + Phone300 Mbps250Unlimited$179.99

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Can I Use My ATT TV Anywhere?

No, you can use ATT TV only in the United States because the services are restricted within this region. In the US, you can use your ATT TV anywhere, even when away from home.

Note: For people living outside the United States, you may be able to use this service using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Can I Watch ATT TV While Traveling?

Yes, you can watch ATT TV while traveling. However, the local channels you get on ATT TV at houses will not be available while traveling. It is because the local channels are available based on the zip code, and while traveling, you may be outside the zip code associated with your ATT TV account.

Note: You cannot watch ATT TV if traveling outside the United States. This service is only available in the US.

Can I Have ATT Internet Service at Multiple Addresses?

No, ATT does not allow you to have Internet service at multiple addresses under a single account. However, you can have this service at multiple addresses by setting up separate accounts for each location. Remember that the availability of ATT services at the new address will also play a role in determining whether you can have service there.

Can You Share Your ATT TV Account?

Yes, you can share your ATT TV account. The one you share your account with will have secondary access. Your user ID will have direct access to this account. As a user having primary access, you can decide whom to give secondary access to your account. The one having secondary access will be able to co-manage your account online.

 Note: You can let more than one person have secondary access to the ATT TV account from different houses, and they can do most of the things that you, the primary user, can do.

Can I Take My ATT Router to Another House?

Yes, you have to take your ATT router to another house if you are moving to a new address.

  • If you are transferring your ATT TV service, you must take your remotes, receivers, and the owner’s manual with you. You do not need to take your DIRECTV dish to your new address in this case.
  • If you are transferring your ATT Internet service, you must take your ATT Wi-Fi gateway to your new address. It has two functionalities and acts as both a router and a modem.

Note: You can call a moving specialist at 1-800-288-2020 if you want to transfer your ATT Internet service. You can call a moving specialist at 1-855-625-8891 to transfer your ATT TV service.

How to Add Secondary Online Access for ATT Account?

To add secondary online access to your ATT account, you need to follow the steps given below.

1. Navigate to your myAT&T profile on your web browser.

2. Now, scroll down to locate the Online access (secondary users) section.

3. Click Add a secondary user.

4. Follow the on-screen prompts to add one or multiple users with secondary access to your account.

If the person does not have a line on your account, you can choose Invite by email to give secondary access to your ATT TV account.

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Now, since you have learned you can use ATT TV in different houses, you can now enjoy a variety of live TV shows and OTT content on different devices in multiple locations. Let us know your thoughts about this article in the comments section and stay tuned.

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