Can you Reactivate Snapchat After Being Banned?

Find out if you can reactivate your Snapchat account and regain its access.

Whether it is about final exams or work deadlines, we often end up wasting a major portion of our time on social media. Thus, uninstalling apps and deactivating accounts is a common measure used by people around the world. However, dealing with a ban from Snapchat and the inability to use the platform is a different issue altogether. If you are going through the same crisis, then keep reading our guide and know if you can reactivate Snapchat after being banned.

Can you Reactivate Snapchat After Being Banned

Can you Reactivate Snapchat After Being Banned?

No. If Snapchat has permanently blocked your account, then it is unlikely that you can reactivate it. This is because the platform enforces strict policies and regulations to protect users from immoral behavior. 

Are Snapchat Bans Permanent?

It depends. Snapchat can temporarily ban your account for at least 24 hours. However, repeated violations can get you permanently banned on Snapchat.

What Happens When Snapchat Account is Deactivated?

Have you ever wondered what happens when Snapchat account is deactivated? Well, as interesting as this question may sound, the answer is pretty obvious. As you might have already guessed:

  • Other Snapchat users will be unable to contact you or interact with you on the app.
  • You will not receive or send snaps.
  • You will be unable to use Snapchat filters.

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How to Reactivate Snapchat Account Without Email

It is important to remember that you can only reactivate your Snapchat account with the username. In other words, the email address does not work in this case. Moreover, Snapchat can sometimes take up to 24 hours to reactivate an account. To know how to reactivate your Snapchat account without email if your account is not banned, simply login to your account using the credentials.

1. Open the Snapchat app on your smartphone.


4. Once you are done, tap on Log In.

Tap Log In | Can you reactivate Snapchat after being banned

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Why Can’t I Revive My Snapchat Account?

Sometimes despite your efforts, you might face difficulty in getting your Snapchat account back. There are a few reasons responsible for this such as:

  • Snapchat is facing server downtime.
  • Your internet connection is unstable and slow.
  • You have entered an incorrect username, email address, or password.
  • Your Snapchat account has been deactivated for more than 30 days.

Not being able to revive a Snapchat account is among the biggest horrors for people. You will not only end up losing Snapchat friends but also the amazing collection of filters and creator’s stories. We hope this article gave you the answer to whether you can reactivate Snapchat after being banned. Please share your valuable feedback and reviews in the comments. Also, let us know what you would like to read next as we keep coming up with new tech-related stuff.

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