Can Everyone See Twitter Circle Tweets?

A recent security breach has left many questioning, can everyone on Twitter see your Circle tweets? Find out all the details in this guide.

Twitter Circle is a feature that allows users to share tweets that are only visible to a select few followers. However, recent bugs have caused users to doubt the functions of this feature. This guide will address questions such as whether everyone can see Twitter Circle tweets and what restrictions apply to them.

Can Everyone See Twitter Circle Tweets?

Can Everyone See Twitter Circle Tweets?

Let’s first address the elephant in the room, what even is Twitter Circle? Well last year, Twitter announced the addition of Twitter Circle to its platform. The feature allowed users to share tweets with only a select few followers without having to make their accounts private. This feature was seen as Twitter’s answer to Instagram’s Close Friend, which allows users to post stories for only selected followers.

Who Gets a Twitter Circle?

Twitter Circle is available for all the users on the platform for free. However, content posted in Circle must adhere to Twitter’s community guidelines and the user may have to face consequences if they infringe on the same. You can simply select Twitter Circle before sharing a tweet to use this feature. 

Choose Twitter Circle.

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Are Circle Tweets Private?

Yes, Twitter Circle tweets are private and shared with only those followers who are in a user’s circle. A user can decide who they want to keep in the Circle and also remove a follower at any time. Twitter Circle allows users to share private and personal tweets without sharing them with everyone on the feed.

In recent months, many users started noticing that some of their Circle tweets were visible to everyone. The glitch with Twitter Circle raised serious privacy concerns among users. However, it was only in the following month that Twitter officially accepted the breach. In an email sent to Twitter Circle users the company shared that, in April 2023, a security incident may have occurred and allowed users outside of a user’s Twitter Circle to access tweets that should have been limited to the Circle. However, the company also claimed that the bug has been fixed and the feature is now safe to use.

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Twitter Circle was first launched as a useful feature for Twitter users which would have helped make the platform more exciting to use. However, as time progressed the feature has become a subject of scrutiny and a serious privacy concern. Twitter has now accepted and has claimed to fix its bugs. Many users are still not sure if they can completely trust the feature as almost everyone on the platform questions who can see their Twitter Circle tweets and for how long.

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