Call of Duty Mobile Reveals Season 2 Heavy Metal

Call of Duty Mobile reveals Season 2 Heavy Metal. The TiMi Studio group continuously improves Call of Duty Mobile. It has recently revealed some information about Season:2 Heavy metal. At the conclusion of the original Season 13, Call of Duty Mobile refreshed its schedule. With Heavy Metal the second track of the season has begun and it will bring some goodies as it did previously.

Call of Duty Mobile reveals Season 2 Heavy Metal

As Call of Duty Mobile reveals Season 2 Heavy Metal, numerous things such as new game modes, new maps, and weapons have been confirmed by Call of Duty Mobile that will join the Multiplayer lineup. The multiplayer fans of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 have expressed their disappointment with the live service offering of the latest COD franchise known as Call of Duty Mobile. TiMi Studio group has already added a lot of new maps, characters, modes, and much more in the popular title of the COD franchise Call of Duty Mobile and it will continue to make improvements in the game.

A multiplayer map named Diesel from the game Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will arrive with Season 2: Heavy Metal on 22nd February. Also, the new variant of Goliath and Control will also be added. The Chaos Control helps in ramping up the intensity and speed of the standard control and the Goliath clash leads the player to capture a point so that they can acquire the upgrades and batteries. These things can have a greater contribution to the victory.

Call of Duty®: Mobile - Official Season 2: Heavy Metal Trailer

A new Battle royale class known as the Ravager Launcher is going to be introduced by TiMi Studio Group which will place a sentry turret or which will let the players use a High DMG lock-on missile on their opponent to defeat them.

The seasons in Call of Duty Mobile include a limited-time challenge that offers rewards and there are also rotating in-game shop offerings that help the player to further express themselves on the battlefield. An assault rifle called Maddox that was there in the Black Ops 4 is going to make a return in Call of Duty mobile and some assortment of attachments that will help in leveling up the weapon can also be expected.

The loadout options in Season 2: Heavy Metal will also be added in Call of Duty Mobile and a new perk called Unit Support will also be there that will help the players in leveling up. The updates of Call of Duty Mobile do not drop at universal time durations and some players might be waiting in the obscure hours of 22nd February to play Heavy Metal which is going to launch at 4:00 PM Pacific Time. Players have only a few days left to progress in Season 1: Reawakening because soon Heavy Metal will launch.

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