ByteDance Launches Ripple – A Music Creation and Audio Editing App in Closed Beta

ByteDance, which is also the parent company of TikTok, launches Ripple in closed beta, a new music creation and audio editing app in the USA. The app is currently available on an invite-only basis to a small group of testers. The new app is designed to cater to new musicians and content creators help edit audio and provide a portable Smart Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

ByteDance Launches Ripple a Music Creation and Audio Editing App in Closed Beta

Users will be able to directly sing songs or hum sounds into the app, the app then uses machine learning technology to turn the sound into instrumental music. The initial app model was tested on music owned and licensed by ByteDance. The length of the song created by Ripple will remain the same as the length of the song recorded by the user. However, the company stated that for now the app can only create instrumental music, and it did not make any comments on whether they wish to expand this feature or not. The American music publicist Billboard also reported the new development, they also shared the news on their official Twitter handle.

According to ByteDance, Ripple features a “Virtual Recording Studio” that lets users record, cut, trim, and edit audio files easily on their mobile devices. The company will likely introduce new and user-friendly features for the app shortly.

For now, Ripple does not have direct integration with TikTok. However, users will easily be able to record and produce music on Ripple and use it for their TikTok videos. In the early stages, the company invited musicians and music enthusiasts to test the newly created application. Users can also beta test the app by visiting and getting an invitation code for iOS.

At this point, it is not clear how long the closed beta testing will run for Ripple. However, the company made it clear that they don’t plan to launch it outside the USA.

As ByteDance launches a music creation and audio editing app, Ripple in closed beta, the news didn’t come as a surprise to many. Music Business Worldwide an online website for music lovers had previously reported that ByteDance was planning to bring such an app.

Interestingly, Ripple is similar to ByteDance’s own Mawf a sound editing software launched in beta in Europe and the United Kingdom last year. However, the company pressed that both apps are different from each other as Mawf turns any audio signal into a musical instrument sound.

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