Brave Search Launches AI Powered Summarization Feature

Brave Search Launches AI Powered Summarization Feature

Artificial intelligence seems to dominate and underpin the foundation of every application this year. With just a quarter behind us, the application of AI has established an impeccable vision of what will be expected in the future. That being said, Brave search launches AI powered summarization feature powered by multiple large language models.

Brave Search Launches AI Powered Summarization Feature

Our attention was drawn to Microsoft’s integration of Bing with ChatGPT last month, and it’s no secret that Google plans to integrate AI into its search platform. The competition seems at no ease. To endorse its intensity in being among the top players in the industry and continue to innovate, Brave is poised to remain a top choice for many users who seek a wonderful browse-the-web experience. Now with that intention to facilitate, the primarily privacy-focused Brave Browser did not seem to keep itself behind in the race in announcing an AI-induced “summarizer” to its platform.

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By this time, we already got a fair hint about the functionality that aims to enhance the involvement of users in its browser and use artificial intelligence to provide them with a brief summarized search result using multiple sources for any search query that has been made on it. The AI-generated result would appear just above the web results and also cite the sources used to write a brief about the result.

Nevertheless, Brave took a different approach to the decision and instead of being a part of the swarm behind OpenAI’s GPT, they chose to train their LLMs to process a multitude of information sources present on the web relevant to a particular search carried out by the user and generate a crisp compendious result using artificial intelligence.

The feature is available to all Brave search engine users on desktop and mobile. Here is an example of one of the searches we made on Brave Search to experience its AI-generated results. We searched to determine “If I was a goldfish.” and as the picture shows below, the search results at the top display a brief description of the query we made.

“If I was a goldfish, I would have an extremely short memory or absent-mindedness due to the evolutionary defense mechanism of the American Goldfish in order to stave off insanity due to boredom. Additionally, a single young fancy goldfish needs 30 gallons alone while an adult goldfish requires around 60 gallons. Therefore, if you are looking for a 20 gallon tank, you would need at least 4 goldfishes.”

In addition to that, the sources considered for generating the summary are also given their due credit.

search result on Brave Search engine

We also made another query to the capable engine to enquire about “isotretinoin for cystic acne” and other than a synopsis, relevant sentences in other search results are also highlighted as news articles. Previously, only the keywords from the page description were highlighted.

The summary at the top of the results page and these special descriptions co-occur, so users will see the overarching summary as well as snippets with highlighted answers,” reads the official blog

search result on Brave Search engine

Josep M. Pujol, Chief of Search at Brave stated, “With 22 million queries per day, Brave Search is the fastest growing search engine since Bing. We provide independent search results from our own index of the Web, and today we’re further improving the relevance of those results with our AI-powered Summarizer.

“Unlike AI chat tools which can provide fabricated responses, the Summarizer generates a plain-written summary at the top of the search results page, aggregating the latest sources on the Web and providing source attribution for transparency and accountability. This open system is available to all Brave Search users today to help them better navigate search results.” 

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The summarizer is definitely a plus to the already brewed features like faster speed, intact privacy, and the reliable security of Brave. The software understands the questions in natural language and feeds a comprehension to the user of what is sufficient to be known. Now that we are excited to dig deeper into this. As Brave search launches an AI-powered summarization feature, we would love to know if you too are looking forward to using Brave Browser as well.

Source: Brave AI Summarizer Website

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