Bluetooth Fob Turns iPhones or Android Devices into Two-Way Satellite Messengers

Debuting at MWC 2023, the latest Motorola Defy Satellite Link can enable almost any smartphone to send or receive text messages in places lacking cellular signals. This means that the new Bluetooth Fob turns iPhone or Android devices into two-way satellite messengers when users can’t get a cellular network. In recent times, satellite communications features have become popular, especially after Apple introduced Emergency SOS via satellite in iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Ultra devices. Following this, Qualcomm is planning to include similar features in upcoming high-end Android devices later this year. However, Bullitt and MediaTek make a bold claim, saying that their devices will be the first ones you can buy and use to communicate in both directions.

Bluetooth Fob Turns iPhones or Android Devices into Two-way Satellite Messengers

The Defy Satellite Link will be able to interface with the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app on Android and iOS devices. This will allow location sharing, SOS assistance, and two-way messaging via satellites. The devices supported by Defy technology can connect the device with satellites that are stationed 22,300 miles above Earth with the 3GPP NTN direct-to-device open standard satellite communication technology.

  • Priced from $99, Defy Satellite Link is cheaper than buying a new smartphone that supports this technology.
  • Bullitt has also announced the launch of the Motorola Defy 2 smartphone priced at $599 includes 12 months of SOS assistance. It comes with the same MediaTek chip that is seen in other midrange smartphones.

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The satellite coverage will be live in Europe and North America at the launch, followed by Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America in mid-2023. To enjoy the service,

  • users will have to pay $4.99 per month for SOS Assist, which is powered by FocusPoint International.
  • users can get a Defy Satellite Link device with a one-year subscription to an Essentials Messaging service that includes up to 30 two-way Bullitt Satellite Messenger messages per month and, of course, the SOS Assist starting from $149.

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Now that a Bluetooth fob turns iPhones or Android devices into two-way satellite messengers, users get an affordable and easier option to use satellite communication technologies when they are not able to access cellular or internet connections. In a partnership with Globalstar, Apple runs a one-way service with the help of a 24-satellite low-orbit constellation. When you buy a new iPhone 14 or Apple Watch Ultra, you are provided with two years of service that can send messages, SOS alerts, and share Find My Location.

Source: Motorola Defy 2 unveiled at MWC

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