21 Best Team Management Software

Management software are designed to streamline and automate processes to reduce the complexity of large projects and tasks. These tools also help encourage team cooperation, collaboration, and project reporting. The following list contains some of the best team project management apps and software available today.

Best Team Management Software

Best Team Management Software

Team management refers to actions, strategies, or methods that bring a group of people together to work effectively as a team and achieve a common goal. Teamwork is a visual solution that helps businesses plan, manage, and accomplish projects of any size. Management tools help organizations plan and achieve their goals faster, let’s now look at a list of best team management software.

1. SwipeNote

SwipeNote | Best free task and teams management software and tools

SwipeNote gives your business control of saving time and organizing everything online in a single, connected searchable location. With a customized workspace, it allows you to collaborate with clients, share documents, and assign tasks. The program works like a notepad that lets you categorize your notes as important or trivial before presenting them. It is among the best team and workplace software. The following are some of the key features of SwipeNote.

  • Extension to Save: download and save all online information in a single, searchable location.
  • Organize with web apps: card templates to organize saved content, add tags and make notes.
  • Simple work: Gather everything in one location to make tough tasks simple.

As one of the best team management software SwipeNote offers you three different plans to subscribe to their services, each plan is created keeping your particular needs in mind:

  • Personal Plan: Mainly dedicated to individual use, this plan is available for only $7 a year or for $12 which is billed monthly.
  • Business Plan: Created for growing teams, a business plan is one of the most recommended plans from SwipeNote. You can get this plan for $10/member billed yearly, and $16/member billed monthly. You will need at least two members of the team to avail of this plan.
  • Enterprise Plan: This plan is specially created for companies that want advanced team management tools. You can contact the SwipeNote team to know details on the pricing of this plan.

SwipeNote Plans are available and can be purchased at discount prices at MyAppDeals. You can get the following options at very affordable prices:

  • 3-Year Plan: Get SwipeNote for up to 10 members for just $69 for 3 years.
  • 5-Year Plan: Get SwipeNote for 10 members at only $129 for 5 years.
  • 7-Year Plan: Finally, MyAppsDeals offers you SwipeNote for only $199 for 7 years.

2. Slack


Slack is a new way of team communication. It is quicker, more structured, and safer than email. Slack is a workplace messaging platform that links users to the information they need by bringing them together to work as a single cohesive team. The following are some of the important components of Slack.

  • Pin Messages: Slack allows you to pin up to 100 messages, files, or documents in a single channel.
  • Search Modifiers: This feature allows you to quickly search specific results with key phrases.
  • Streamline Sidebar: It offers customizable options to organize channels and route messages according to the needs.

Slack is available for everyone at very affordable prices, you can visit the official Pricing Page to check all the plans offered by the software.

3. AgilityPortal


AgilityPortal is a SharePoint and Workplace alternative that provides the perfect solution for remote employees who need to connect and communicate with colleagues, securely and productively.  Regardless of whether you’re working with remote teams or simply seeking a seamless way to keep everyone informed, AgilityPortal has got you covered. Let’s look at some of the key features of this great platform.

  • Employee Communication: This feature provides real-time insights to managers for prompt action. The tool maps employee feedback to your organization’s structure, enabling all relevant parties to access relevant insights.
  • Cloud Support: AgilityPortal offers necessary tools for remote teams to stay connected and work seamlessly, eliminating the need for multiple tools and apps.
  • Better Communication: Communication is a challenge in remote teams, and employees are often overwhelmed with information. AgilityPortal makes it easier for remote employees to connect with their peers.

AgilityPortal offers some of the most affordable plans for management software. The following are available plans:

  • Medium (P2): This plan costs only $5 a month, and is billed monthly. The plan allows 100-399 users.
  • Large (P3): Available for just $6 a month, this plan is also billed monthly and allows 400-999 users.
  • Enterprise (P4): Finally, the Enterprise plan allows you to get access for 1000+ users for just $7 a month.
  • Small (P1): If you are working with a small team, Small (P1) might be the best plan for you, however, to know the details of pricing you can connect with the AgilityPortal team.

You can also get the Lifetime Plan for AgilityPortal at MyAppDeals, it brings you the subscription for just $99.00. Additionally, you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee upon purchasing the plan from here. This plan works great for small teams as you get access for 50 users.

4. Hibox


Hibox is a feature-rich application for group work that provides corporate teams with a secure online communication channel. The app includes private internal instant messaging. Hibox provides sophisticated task management resources that can be allocated to the right team members. Establish streams for various departments, groups, or projects. Information for the entire firm is shared in the public area. Let’s have a look at some of the important components of Hibox that makes it one of the best project management software for small teams.

  • Task Management: Makes project and task management simple and thorough and lets you keep the team on the right path.
  • Company Chat: The program provides private, secure workplace chat designed for business.
  • AI Assistant: Provides AI bots that assist you with daily tasks and automatically identify message trends and recommend actions.
  • File Sharing: Hibox allows users to host, distribute, organize, and view files.

You can check all the different plans offered by Hibox at their official Pricing Page.

5. Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project

Stay organized, focused, and in charge with Microsoft Project. Take up any endeavor, no matter how big or small this tool makes managing an easy task for your organization.

  • Maintain Focus: Schedule tasks with ease using dynamic scheduling based on effort requirements and project duration. 
  • Improvisation: View project status and make specific interactive panels.
  • Power to Innovate: Create desktop or smartphone interfaces and quickly construct automated workflows.

Microsoft Project Is one of the most trusted management software, and you can get it at very flexible prices. Check out their Plans and Pricing page to know more.

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6. Podio


Podio converts the project data into a system that combines all the communications, and processes into a specific point in cooperation. The app lets you collaborate with a group of up to 5 people for free. It allows you to manage your work with the team from any location. With Podio Workflow Automation, you can automate important activities and set up triggers for crucial time-sensitive actions.

  • Simple Admin: Allows you to rapidly make changes and manage who has entry to the Podio Workspaces.
  • Quick Communication: Freely sign up clients and freelancers on Podio. Avoid time-consuming file sharing and lengthy email conversations.

Podio offers some of the most affordable plans for all its customers. You can check out these plans on their Pricing Page.

7. Scoro

Scoro | Best free task and teams management software and tools

With the aid of the teamwork management tool Scoro, it can significantly increase the productivity of your team and base their decisions on useful information. It is a professional services cloud-based solution for small to medium businesses in advertising, consulting, IT, and other sectors, making it one of the best team project management software app for small teams.

  • Control Hub: Allows you to keep all of your work in one location and keeps tabs on daily activities, sales, and projects.
  • Collaboration Platform: This lets you decide how you want to collaborate on a project.
  • Time Management: Plan what to focus on and when, and monitor the changes and delays.
  • Track Revenue: Get a thorough understanding of planned and executed activities while tracking revenue in live time and across all invoicing scenarios.

Scoro is one of the best management tools that are available at a steal price, check out the official Pricing Page on their website to know all the plans and prices.



Equipped with various task management capabilities, including reminders, recurrence, and status timelines, ZOHO is one of the best team management software. With the help of the Zoho tool, you can easily manage and monitor the team progress of all your project.

  • Manage Activities: Keeping your work items centralized, accessible, and structured is simple by using project tasks and task lists.
  • Track Milestones: Milestones are a way to organize work and rapidly assess how far along a project is.
  • Divide into Subtasks: Break work into smaller tasks that may be given to different people and tracked individually in the project.
  • Get Reports: Task reports give a comprehensive overview of all active and completed tasks in the chosen project.

ZOHO provides a wide range of features and tools, you can check prices and plans offered by ZOHO by visiting the official Pricing Page.

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9. Asana


Asana is a straightforward project management tool created to assist your team in achieving the best results. It allows individuals and groups to divide difficult jobs into more digestible chunks. It is a comprehensive platform for job management that allows you to share information within the team, leave comments and notes, and much more.

  • Accountability: Teams report being 45% more productive as a result of less work and a clearer focus on important tasks.
  • Scalability: Lets teams cooperate, communicate, and plan work together.
  • Goal Focused: Focuses on your aims and the activities that will help you achieve them in a single area.

Being a popular management tool, Asana offers some of the most affordable plans for its customers. You can check out these plans on their official Pricing Page.

10. Trello

Trello | Best free task and teams management software and tools

Trello is one of the best team management tools out there. With Trello, you can create a board quickly, automate time-consuming processes, and collaborate anywhere. Trello is a flexible and enjoyable method to accomplish more productivity. Your team may manage any kind of project, workflow, or task tracking with the help of this visual tool. Add documents, checklists, or even automation; personalize everything to suit the way your team functions best.

  • Brainstorming: Make ideas transparent, collaborative, and actionable while unleashing the creative potential of your team. 
  • Butler Automation: Every Trello board has no-code automation built in to focus on the most important tasks, and leave the rest to the robots.  
  • CRM: Personalized CRM to aid the sales team in efficiently managing leads and accounts. 
  • Project Management: Allows you to maintain team members in sync, deadlines on schedule, and projects organized.

Trello offers four different plans for its users. You can check out these plans and their prices on their official website.

11. ProofHub


ProofHub acts as the primary hub for all project-related requirements, including tasks, teams, communication, data, and resources. It helps teams focus on their objectives and lets them control how work progress. It is, in essence, a project management platform with all the tools your team requires to operate more quickly and collaboratively.

  • Templates: By adding project templates, you can develop comparable projects in the future without starting from scratch.
  • Request Forms: This Form can be used to receive requests for work or questions from teams and clients that can then be added straight to ProofHub.
  • Task ID: Each job has a unique identification number that is provided in the task description.

ProofHub is one of the best team project management software app for small teams and provides an array of tools with affordable plans. You can check out their Plan Pricing on their official website.

12. Teamwork

Teamwork | Best free task and teams management software and tools

With the help of Teamwork, you can complete projects on schedule and within your projected budget. This is the only platform created and dedicated, particularly to client work. You have access to every single tool you need to plan and monitor your work using this app.

  • Resource Management: Plan well for the team’s resources, from long-term forecasts to production scheduling daily.
  • Gantt Chart: You can see every task in your project clearly and emphasize due dates with a Gantt-style view.
  • Automation: With automation, you may streamline tasks and free up time to concentrate on innovative and strategic work.
  • Unlimited Free Users: This enables you to include customers in your projects at no additional cost.

You can get Teamwork subscriptions for very affordable prices. The plans are created in a way that it suits all your requirements. Check out the Pricing for Teamwork plans on their official website.

13. Basecamp


Basecamp is a powerful collaboration platform that thousands of organizations use all over the world. Basecamp can coordinate activities, organize projects, store documents, and do much more. It is one of the best project management platforms and is amazingly efficient and remarkably simple.

  • TO-DO List: Work, deadlines, obligations, progress, and every work progress can all be tracked.
  • Store and Share: Organize your workspace so that you can create, share, and discuss documents, files, and photographs.
  • Message Space: All topic-related conversations can take place in the messaging space rather than over emails.
  • Clear View of Work: The Lineup feature allows you to view the start and end dates of the projects in addition to the work.

You can get the Basecamp program for two very affordable plans, check out the plans and pricing for the Basecamp program on their official Pricing Page.

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14. LiquidPlanner


LiquidPlanner is A project management tool that constantly adjusts to shifting and controls uncertainty, which enables teams to confidently plan, anticipate, and execute. It is a resource-driven planning technology for teams that is also a web project management and job management application.

  • Scheduling: Project scheduling enables the development of precise and realistic forecasts.
  • Balanced Workload: Allows you to check the bandwidth for the rest of the team throughout all jobs and projects to reduce complexity and improve performance.
  • Ranged Estimation: This feature enables you to capture planning uncertainty and manage task assignments.

LiquidPlanner is one of the most affordable management software available out there, you can check the different plans and pricing on their official page.

15. Hubstaff


Hubstaff is a remote startup that developed an employee management software platform that includes talent locator software for managing projects. Hubstaff is available for PC, Web, and Mobile Apps. If you are working with a small team this is one of the best project management software for you. Teams can monitor the time spent on tasks and projects. 

  • Repairing Leaks: it allows you to act regarding where the work hours are moving and how they are affecting revenue.
  • Increased Productivity: by tracking team time, users can decide where to focus while keeping the team on task.
  • Automate Team Management: this feature deals with time-consuming administrative tasks including changing projects, and timesheets, and fulfilling deadlines within budgets.

Check out the affordable plans offered by Hubstaff on their official Pricing Page.

16. SmartTask

SmartTask | Best free task and teams management software and tools

The online job management solution called SmartTask combines CRM, project management, and task management. By correlating planned activities against time and attendance, SmartTask aids in ensuring staff compliance. All business processes can be managed with ease and strength. 

  • Customizable Views: Users can customize their experience in the program with tools such as a list, board, calendar, or customized dashboard.
  • Simplify Communication: With the help of robust chat and video calls, everyone can connect and remain on the same page.
  • Lower Burnout: The workload view makes sure that duties are distributed equally across the team, preventing anyone from being overworked or underworked.

Go to the official SmartTask Pricing page to know more about all the different plans the program offers.

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17. ClickUp


A cloud-based task management and administration solution, ClickUp is appropriate for companies of all sizes and sectors. some of the key features of the app include tools for collaboration and communication, task assignments and levels, set alarms, a task toolbar, and more. The one-stop productivity platform will help you save a lot of valuable time.

  • Simplify Work: Work more efficiently with the centralized productivity platform that unifies teams, tasks, and tools.
  • Chat Support: Work more effectively together with chat support. Tag people or groups, link tasks, and use real-time chat to collaborate.
  • Visualize & Plan: Handle every project from beginning to end with extremely configurable views.
  • Document management: Share papers related to HR with employees and manage them along with your group in one location.
  • Manage Accounts: Keep tabs on potential customers, clients, and business deals using the list, board, or table views.

ClickUp is one of the most popular and efficient tools for team management. If you want to know more about the pricing and plans that it offers, check out its official Pricing Page.

18. Toggl

toggl | Best free task and teams management software and tools

With the help of the time-tracking tool Toggl project management software, you can monitor everyday tasks in your organization or a small dedicated team. This program gives you extensive information and the chance to improve your workflow by pinpointing problem areas. Whether you require a simple stopwatch or want to track your job, and time spent online and offline this is the best project management software for small teams.

  • Time Tracking: Obtain reliable data with a time tracking system that is anti-surveillance.
  • Templates: You can choose from more than a hundred pre-made test templates or by developing your original tests.  
  • Visibility: Get visibility into the availability and workload of your staff.   
  • Effective Schedules: Build efficient work schedules without using cumbersome spreadsheets or difficult applications.

Toggle offers a list of different plans to its customers. Visit their official Pricing Page to know these plans in detail.

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19. Clockify


You can track working time across many projects with the help of the time tracking and timesheet tool Clockify. You can monitor the period you spend working on tasks and assess your productivity. Any desktop or smartphone can view the cloud-based dashboard. The following features make Clockify one of the best team management software.

  • Add Time: manually add and edit the working hours.
  • Projects: track project time, and budget and achievement are monitored.
  • Scheduling: plan projects and measure the capability of the team.
  • Timesheet: log your tasks in a small time.

Clockify allows you to work freely on their platform with limited features. However, you can upgrade your account by purchasing one of their plans. You can check out these plans on their Upgrade page.

20. Harvest

Harvest | Best free task and teams management software and tools

Harvest is one of the best team management software. it makes it simple to record time, keep records of previous projects, and get rewarded for your effort to assist individuals and teams in making sensible use of their time. The software is user-friendly and efficient in its results.

  • Reports and Analysis: Use a variety of graphic reports and keep a record of your hours to keep your assignments on schedule.
  • Invoices: Payments can be obtained by turning invoices through the team’s time and cost tracking.
  • Plan Budgets: To maintain the venture on pace and profitably, modify the budget along with team time tracking.
  • Reminders: To assist your employees in keeping accurate and frequent time records, use automated reminders.

Harvest provides users to work for free on their workspace with limited features. You can also choose to upgrade your experience by buying the Pro version of the program for just $10.80/month.

21. Twist


The Twist is an async messaging app that makes collaboration easy from anywhere by using threads to organize your conversations. The following are some of the key features of Twist.

  • Organized Chats: Twist keeps conversations organized and on topic with threads.
  • Easily Share Information: Quickly onboard new employees and easily share context to past decisions with easy-to-access threads.
  • Communication: Use messages to continue the work banter with all the gifs and emojis you’re familiar with, iron out last-minute details, or give feedback.

Twist offers a one-month free trial for all of its users, after completion of the trial you can access the services for just $8 a month.

Team management tools will undoubtedly improve the efficiency of your job, whether you are the group leader or an employee. These programs improve teamwork and facilitate task coordination significantly. Additionally, these can be implemented to manage tasks, plan meetings and activities, and generate data on work completed. But, it’s crucial to pick the tools that would enable the team to achieve its goals.


We hope this guide was helpful to you. Let us know which tool worked the best for you from the list of best team management software app for small teams. If you have any suggestions or queries for us, please let us know in the comment section.

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