10 Best Programming Languages to Learn Today

Our world is becoming better and better day after day, and it has become possible due to technological advancements because of computers. Along with the hardware changes, the software also comes a long way from the 0s and 1 of the binary language to today’s new advanced programming languages, which are almost identical to any normal speaking language. With the rise of programming languages, the industry is now pushing towards some specific languages that give a huge advantage to candidates aiming for high-paying jobs. So, if you are looking for some advice for choosing the best programming language to learn that could boost your career, you are at the right place. Here is a list of the best programming language to learn to get a job. So, let’s get started.

Best Programming Language to Learn

10 Best Programming Languages to Learn Today

Choosing the best programming language to learn should depend on how much the language you choose could push your career forward and how it aligns with your career goals. Many career paths lean towards a best programming language to learn first due to its advantages and should be noted before blindly going ahead, keeping only short-term goals in mind. Many programming languages did not get any attention at the launch but now are revered in the industry. There are those languages that died after experiencing popularity for a little while.

1. Javascript


Javascript is the best programming language to learn first due to its following notable features:

  • First released in December 1995, Javascript is one of the most commonly found programming languages that contribute to being the core of the whole internet.
  • Data shows around 97% of all websites use Javascript to control webpage behavior and incorporate third-party libraries.
  • This adds to why developers today are partial to this programming language.
  • All browsers loved and used by people around the world house a dedicated engine for Javascript to execute the code properly at the user’s end.
  • The average annual salary of a Javascript developer in the United States is around $107,529, with top earners pocketing about $149,000.



HTML and CSS are the hottest programming languages right now and is considered as best due to the following features:

  • HTML and CSS are two different languages with a symbiotic bond.
  • HyperText Markup Language or HTML is used to manipulate how a web page is displayed.
  • HTML marks and aligns the information shown on the webpage.
  • Cascading Style Sheets or CSS are used with markup languages, with HTML being chosen most of the time to describe how a document is to be presented on the webpage.
  • HTML with CSS allows web developers the control and flexibility needed to reach the conclusive style preferred according to the content of the webpage.
  • A developer with good knowledge of HTML/CSS earns somewhere around $64,970 in the United States, and the number could go as high as $116,000.

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3. Python

python programming language. 10 Best Programming Language to Learn

Next on the list of the best programming language to learn is Python. Read the following features to know why to learn this language:

  • Python is one of the most popular programming languages, and the credit goes to the easy learning curve of the language and its NumPy library and its NumPy library.
  • Many online tools and apps like Google Search and YouTube are switching to Python.
  • Python is ideal for people who are not well-versed in the programming language and searching for something to ease into the programming world.
  • Python uses huge libraries for its work and is used extensively in Back-end development, Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, and App Development.
  • A Python programmer earns around $115,000 to upwards of $158,000 annually in the United States.

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4. SQL



Structured Query Language or SQL is the best programming language to learn due to its significant features listed below:

  • This language is used by programmers who dabble with queries and database manipulation.
  • It ranks 4th in the list of most used languages according to StackExchange.
  • Being a language specific to a domain, SQL facilitates easy communication with the database.
  • SQL has been around since it was released in 1979 by IBM, but it still holds strong in today’s world.
  • It retrieves data from databases using a set of English-based keywords, called statements, making it easier for developers who are just starting to learn this language.
  • SQL is used by data scientists to split string, SEO analysts, software engineers, and business analysts.
  • The average salary of a SQL programmer ranges from $68,130 to top earners getting somewhere near $101,000 in the United States.

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5. Java

java programming language

Java is another on this list that can be learned easily for the following reasons:

  • It ranks 5th on StackExchange’s list of the most loved programming languages.
  • Although easier to learn, the language has robust security and great data handling capabilities.
  • This makes it the first choice for the banking and finance sector to adopt as their programming language.
  • Java uses a universal SDK that ensures that you can run your program independently of the platform where it is written or compiled.
  • Average salary options for a Java developer range from $47,150 to $106,500 in the US.

6. Node.js

node.js. 10 Best Programming Language to Learn

Node.js is a relatively younger programming language than other entries on this list, but it made quite a mark in software development due to the following reasons:

  • Being open-source, the language attracts a lot of programmers with startup operations opting for Node.js over other programming languages.
  • The programming structure is one of the key points of Node.js, which makes it more compatible with handheld and mobile applications, ensuring that the need for speed, accuracy, and accessibility is consistently met.
  • As suggested by the programming language’s name, it works with nodes of programs.
  • If there is any correction or change to be made, only the concerned node is affected, so this help is for the app to work normally while going under maintenance.
  • A node.js developer earns $117,000 on average.

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7. TypeScript

Typescript. 10 Best Programming Language to Learn

Another best programming language to learn is TypeScript which is considered to be the best for the following notable reasons:

  • TypeScript, just like Node.js, is based on JavaScript with some more features.
  • It was developed by Microsoft a release held in 2012.
  • Given its additional features, a JavaScript developer would feel at home while using TypeScript and would definitely love it.
  • Being a superset of JavaScript, you can use TypeScript to run in any JavaScript environment and even use familiar JavaScript tools, frameworks, and libraries.
  • Being a static typing language, it provides huge benefits for scaling options for applications.
  • The average salary for a TypeScript developer starts at $120,000 in the US.

8. C#


C# or See Sharp is the best programming language to learn to get a job for the significant reasons listed below:

  • It is one of many common object-oriented programming languages we see today.
  • Microsoft developed it.
  • It also caters to many features like Garbage collections, Nullable types, Exception Handling, and Lambda expressions, which help developers create more durable and strong applications.
  • C# runs in the .NET environment.
  • It is easy to get into learning it.
  • The language is used extensively in developing desktop and web applications, especially apps for Microsoft.
  • Along with desktop applications, C# is also used to develop games due to the features mentioned before.
  • A large community of developers constantly works on C# and makes sure to develop new tools and applications to help one another.
  • The average salary of a C# sharp develop in the US ranges from $96.000 to $120,000.

9. Bash/Shell


Bash is the best programming language to learn first, considering the below-listed reasons:

  • Bash is a shell programming language used to give a set of instructions directly to the system and effectively communicate with it.
  • The language is more prevalent among those who work on the Linux platform as it interacts directly with the Operating Systems.
  • However, people who know that Bash/Shell is not considered a programming language but an interpreter may feel weird to see this entry in this list, but those who love playing around with the Linux system.
  • This eliminates the need to go through a graphical interface to run a set of commands with the ease of a bash script.
  • So, it can be used to execute a certain set of commands by using a bash script.
  • Bash developer earns somewhere between $50,000 and $120,000 annually.

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10. C++


One of the most popular programming languages of the previous decade was C++. You can consider learning this language for the following reasons:

  • C++ still doesn’t lack any of its lusters, with many developers still showing love for it.
  • C++ possesses many compilers and libraries due to its popularity back in the day. Hence, there are large learning resources available on the internet for anyone.
  • Although it is a little hard to learn due to the syntax being complex, it is still used for game development and graphic compiler, not to mention the enormous help it is where advanced computation is required.
  • The average salary of a C++ programmer is somewhere between $73,000 and $86,000.


We hope this article helped you to know about best programming language to learn. If you have any suggestions and queries regarding the list or if you have your favorite programming language, let us know in the comment section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn next.

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