15 Best Instagram Alternatives for Photographers

Broaden your online presence and discover these popular Instagram alternatives to extend your photography outreach.

Whether it’s due to privacy concerns or a desire for a different user experience, there are several compelling reasons to explore the Instagram alternative apps. Moreover, these choices offer unique filters and editing tools, allowing you to elevate your creative content. This guide will discuss the best Instagram alternatives to showcase your creative content.

15 Best Instagram Alternatives for Content Creators

15 Best Instagram Alternatives for Photographers

The Instagram app is popular worldwide, allowing users to post stories, reels, make friends, send direct messages, and more. If you’re bored with Instagram and want to try other applications, this guide discusses the best Instagram alternative apps, each offering unique features to explore.

1. Snapchat

snapchat app store preview

Snapchat is one of the best Instagram alternatives that you can use for free. You can capture every moment with Snapchat and share them with your friends and family. This app is fun to use and offers a number of amazing features, such as:

  • Snapchat lets people make video and audio calls; otherwise, you can also send text messages to stay in touch with your close ones.
  • It offers several filters that help users to beautify their pictures and snaps.
  • Additionally, you can also share your location with your friends.
  • Snapchat lets users post stories, discover news, and more.
  • Besides that, you can also edit photos with Snapchat.

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2. Behance

behance app store preview

If you are creative, you should try out Behance, as it is a great place to show your creative work. You could discover many people with similar interests and passions like you on Behance. To learn about the key features of this application, read below:

  • Behance lets users send and receive opportunities for jobs and private messages.
  • Furthermore, you can also receive notifications when you get new followers and comments.
  • You can have a look at the creative work made by people.
  • Moreover, you can also receive feedback from the members of Behance on your projects.
  • This app helps users familiarize themselves with the techniques of great designers and artists by streaming live streams.

3. 500px – Photography Community

500px app store preview | best Instagram alternatives

500px – Photography Community app is loved by people who like photography. With this platform, people can share their photography work and take inspiration from awesome pictures from varied styles worldwide. Check out the key features of 500px below:

  • In the Discover section of 500px, you can find many like-minded creators from whom you can take inspiration.
  • It also comes up with several photo challenges that help users to test their skills.
  • You can provide your best work to earn exciting prizes in the photo challenges.
  • Besides that, with 500px licensing, users can get paid for their work.

4. Tumblr – Fandom, Art, Chaos

tumblr app store preview

Are you looking for the best Instagram alternative apps? You can use Tumblr – Fandom, Art, Chaos app if you are bored of using Instagram or want to try something new. Its noteworthy features are as follows:

  • It has a user-friendly interface, and it is easy to navigate.
  • You can use this app for free thus, do not worry about spending your money.
  • Tumblr lets users post multimedia like videos, pictures, GIFs, and more.
  • Moreover, users can also explore this app with hashtags.

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5. DeviantArt

deviantart app store preview

The DeviantArt app is perfect for art enthusiasts. It allows users to connect with each other by sharing and creating various forms of art, such as anime, digital art, fan art, pixel art, poetry, sculpture, drawing, photography, and more. To learn about its features, read the points mentioned below:

  • It lets users show their art and receive feedback on it.
  • DeviantArt app is fun to use as you can look at various artworks.
  • The artists on this application can help you learn. You can follow and connect with them.
  • It updates the users about other artists and friends through status updates and polls.

6. Pinterest

pinterest app store preview | best Instagram alternatives

Pinterest offers countless possibilities for discovering aesthetic ideas. The app features various categories such as fashion styles, lifestyle tips, DIY ideas, and much more. Additionally, you can upload your own design ideas to the platform. More insights into the features of Pinterest are:

  • Pinterest is a vast resource of fresh ideas, enabling continuous discovery of new concepts and inspiration.
  • You can engage with various content formats, including informative articles, tutorials, and videos, fostering continuous learning and exploration.
  • Save and organize content that resonates with you, creating personalized collections of motivating and captivating ideas.
  • Enjoy a convenient shopping experience on Pinterest, directly shopping for products and items that catch your interest.

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7. Imgur: Funny Memes & GIF Maker

imgur app store preview

It is one of the best Instagram alternatives for you to find memes, science facts, and various other enjoyable stuff. Its amazing features are as follows:

  • There are new and interesting posts every minute.
  • Imgur allows users to upload videos, photos, and GIFs.
  • Its explore tab lets users look for viral content.

8. VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

vsco app store preview

VSCO: Photo & Video Editor app provides video and picture editing tools. Its key features are:

  • It provides ten free VSCO presets, using which you can enhance your photography.
  • VSCO lets users edit their raw pictures and import them.
  • The editing tools offered by this app, such as saturation and contrast, make the images look good.
  • Furthermore, you can also make a collage with the videos and photos.

9. Moj Lite

moj lite app store preview | best Instagram alternatives

Moj Lite is a short video app that could be an effective alternative to Instagram. Let’s check out its awesome features:

  • The videos you can browse on Moj Lite include gaming, food, memes, sports, comedy, DIY, etc.
  • It allows users to share videos on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Additionally, you can also watch the videos offline by downloading them.
  • The content languages this supports include English, Punjabi, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, and more.

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10. Triller: Social Videos & Clips

triller app store preview

Triller: Social Videos & Clips lets users share the videos recorded by them to the world. The creators can now use this application to edit their videos and showcase their talent. You can also become famous on Triller if your videos get viral.

  • It lets you add music to the videos you make, and you can also add various effects and filters.
  • Triller helps users to make professional videos in such a short span of time with its unique auto-editing algorithm.
  • This also provides access to the tracks that are in trend.
  • Furthermore, users can share their videos through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, E-mail, Twitter, etc.
  • You can also stream the live videos from the top creators.

11. TikTok

tiktok app store preview

TikTok, which is incredibly popular across the globe, allows users to create and share short videos effortlessly. The app provides a range of effects that allow users to customize their videos by changing the background or adding stickers to make them more engaging. Some of its features are discussed below:

  • It helps users to make videos by providing music tracks, filters, effects, etc.
  • The challenges on TikTok are fun and let users participate in a particular activity.
  • Moreover, you can also live stream on this app to engage with the audience.
  • You can stream endless funny, interesting, and real videos.

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12. BeReal

bereal app store preview | best Instagram alternatives

The BeReal app lets users share photos with their friends and family. You can capture your everyday moments at different times and share them with your close ones to let them know what you are up to. Now, let’s see its features:

  • The camera of BeReal takes beautiful frontal pictures and selfies simultaneously.
  • It allows users to talk to and comment on their friend’s BeReal.
  • Additionally, with this app, you can map out where your friends are.
  • In the archive section, you can gain access to your old BeReal.

13. Flickr

flickr app store preview

Another best Instagram alternative is Flickr which lets users share, edit and upload their pictures from any device. Below we have discussed the key features of Flickr:

  • You can try out this app for free.
  • You can discover your inspiration on this app, which is home to many photographers and pictures.
  • Besides that, users can share and manage their pictures easily with Flickr.
  • It allows you to crop photos, add filters, edit pictures, and more.

14. Grainery

grainery homepage

On Grainery, you can learn and share. It is a photo-sharing application designed for film photographers. Its noteworthy features are as follows:

  • It has explored page, direct messages section, notifications, follower suggestions, and more.
  • Grainery lets users upload pictures and information like the lens model, the kind of film used, the analog camera body, etc.
  • Furthermore, after the photo is posted, you can look for the picture on this app by looking for the lens, film, etc.

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15. Glass

glass homepage | best Instagram alternatives

Glass, another photo-sharing platform, is one of the better alternative apps to Instagram where you can post, share, and browse through feeds to find photographers. You can also add certain categories to your pictures on Glass. Check out the features of Glass below:

  • You can browse through the feed of photograph types such as Street or Portrait.
  • On Glass, you can send appreciation to other photographers.
  • This app ensures the security and safety of its users.
  • Moreover, you do not have to worry about ads on Glass.

You can try out any of these best Instagram alternatives to find the one best suited to your needs. Leave your remarks on these alternatives, and stay tuned to our website for a constant flow of captivating articles!

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