24 Best Chrome Extensions for Developers

Elevate your coding skills today with these useful Chrome extensions!

A developer’s productivity and efficiency can be greatly increased by using Chrome extensions. This article will discuss the best Chrome extensions for developers, including those for debugging, editing code, and performance enhancement. These additions can speed up and streamline the development process for developers, making their work more efficient and fun. So, let’s begin!

best chrome extensions for developers

Best Chrome Extensions for Developers 

Extensions give your web browser extra abilities and tools, making things work better. These browser add-ons also help web developers save time and money because many of these really useful tools are free. So, let’s take a look at some Chrome extensions that can be really helpful for you.

1. BrowserStack


The first useful Chrome extension for developers that have made it to the list today is BrowserStack. It is known for instantly testing your webpage on a mobile browser or desktop. It provides a setup of 12 browsers and minimizes your time in switching browser tabs. However, to use this one of the best extensions, you need to have a BrowserStack account.


  • Helps in reviewing changes immediately. 
  • Helps with cross-browser testing.
  • It lets users check page behavior in real user conditions.
  • With the help of BrowserStack, you can file bugs directly. 

2. LT Debug

LT Debug Webpage

A Chrome extension LT Debug was created to help web developers test and debug their web apps. It is considered as best web developer extension for Chrome.

  • This extension offers a selection of tools for inspecting and analyzing network data and identifying performance problems.
  • LT Debug is an effective tool for web developers who want to enhance the dependability and performance of their web apps.
  • One of LT Debug’s important features is the capacity to record and examine network traffic, including HTTP requests and responses and WebSocket traffic.
  • The extension can monitor website load times, pinpoint resources that take a long time to load, and analyze JavaScript performance to help identify code execution bottlenecks.
  • The extension gives developers access to cookies, local storage, and session storage, which can be helpful when trying features related to authentication or other sessions.

3. ColorZilla

ColorZilla Webpage | best Chrome extensions for developers

ColorZilla is the extension that can quickly determine any pixel’s color code on a website, making it one of the best Chrome extensions for developers.

  • Web designers, graphic designers, and anyone else needing to deal with color on the web can all benefit from it.
  • ColorZilla’s gradient generator tool enables users to make linear and radial gradients with various color choices and endpoints.
  • ColorZilla is a helpful extension for anyone who works with color on the web and requires a fast and easy method to acquire color codes and produce gradients.
  • ColorZilla can pick a pixel on a web page and use the Eyedropper tool to get the color code for that pixel in various formats, including HEX, RGB, and HSL.
  • A color picker utility is also included in the application, which enables users to choose colors from a palette and modify their hue, saturation, and brightness.

4. JSONView

JSONView Webpage

JSONView is the Chrome extension for developers who want to JSON documents in the browser in a more readable format. It comes under the best Chrome extensions for developers.

  • The lightweight data-exchange format JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is frequently used for data exchange between a server and an online application.
  • JSONView offers syntax highlighting for JSON documents, making recognizing key-value pairs and other JSON data components simpler.
  • The extension also enables you to validate the JSON data using the JSONLint service, which verifies the JSON document’s syntax for mistakes and outputs helpful error messages if any are discovered.
  • When a web page includes JSON data, the extension automatically recognizes it. It formats the data in a collapsible tree structure that you can expand and collapse to view the data.
  • JSON data is typically presented in a compact format without indentation or line breaks, which can be challenging to read and grasp.
  • Installing the JSONView extension allows you to examine JSON documents in a more structured and organized manner, which makes it simpler to comprehend the data they contain.

5. Requestly

Requestly Webpage

Requestly is another web developer extension for Chrome that lets you edit HTTP(S) requests and replies.

  • It can be applied to many tasks like web creation, testing, and debugging.
  • You can use Requestly to make rules that change requests and replies depending on specific circumstances. It comes under the best Chrome extensions for developers.
  • For instance, you can change headers, add or remove query parameters, redirect a URL to a different website, or even insert unique JavaScript or CSS code.
  • With Requestly, you can test how well your web application works in various situations by simulating various network conditions, such as latency or bandwidth restrictions.


WAVE Webpage | best Chrome extensions for developers

Wave is the next best Chrome extension for developers with a collection of efficiency tools made to improve teamwork and communication.

  • Users can access and use the Wave toolkit straight from their browser using the Wave Chrome extension, which works with Google Chrome.
  • It has a screen-sharing function that enables users to show others their screen during a video chat.
  • It has a task management tool that helps in team organization and job management.
  • Wave consists tool that enables real-time file sharing and collaboration among team members.
  • A tool for video conferencing that allows users to connect virtually with their team members.

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7. Clear Session

Clear Session Webpage

Clear Session is a popular Chrome extension for developers, rapidly erasing browsing session data with a single click. It comes under the best Chrome extensions for developers.

  • This extension can clear all browsing history, cache, cookies, and other information your browser might keep.
  • For privacy or to start over without any previously saved data, you might occasionally want to clear your browser session data; you can do that swiftly and easily with the help of Clear Session.
  • You can exclude certain websites from the clearing process or only certain precise kinds of data.

8. VisBug

VisBug Webpage

VisBug is an all-around effective and user-friendly instrument that can assist anyone in honing their web design abilities and producing more aesthetically pleasing and useful web pages. Adam Argyle, a Google engineer, developed this web developer extension for Chrome to make web design more approachable and enjoyable for everyone.

  • VisBug can edit and modify websites graphically.
  • The tool offers a variety of features, including resizing and moving components, altering fonts and colors, including borders and shadows, and even changing the HTML structure of the website.
  • A robust inspection tool is also included in VisBug, enabling users to investigate and examine a web page’s structure, including its DOM hierarchy, CSS styles, and accessibility properties.
  • Users don’t need to be familiar with HTML or CSS code to quickly change any web page’s layout, typography, colors, and images using VisBug.

9. Grepper

Grepper Webpage | best Chrome extensions for developers

Grepper is a tool that allows developers to quickly access code examples and snippets that they have stored, making it easier for them to use that code in their projects without having to search for it again. It comes under the best Chrome extensions for developers.

  • Grepper helps software developers improve their ability to recall and use code snippets by providing a tool to store and access them easily.
  • This saves time and cognitive effort, allowing developers to focus on their work without being distracted by repeatedly searching for code examples.

10. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker Webpage

The Broken Link Checker extension assists website owners or webmasters in finding broken links on their web pages.

  • Broken links point to sites that do not exist and display a 404 error message.
  • It helps the website owner locate and fix broken links; the extension can also highlight them on the screen.
  • To enhance their website’s user experience and SEO rankings, website owners can use a broken link checker Chrome extension to save time and effort when manually checking for them.

11. CSS Peeper

CSS Peeper Webpage | best Chrome extensions for developers

With CSS Peeper, you can examine the CSS styles applied to any website which also makes it one of the best Chrome extensions for developers.

  • It’s intended to make it simpler for programmers and designers to extract helpful details about a website’s design, such as color schemes, typeface styles, and positioning.
  • You can download a full style guide for any website, which contains every CSS style used on that website, using CSS Peeper as well.
  • This can be a helpful tool for developers who need to modify a website’s CSS or for designers who want to grasp the design of a website better.
  • CSS Peeper is an effective tool for anyone involved in web design and development.
  • Providing fast access to crucial CSS information can help you save time and streamline your workflow.
  • By hovering your cursor over any CSS element on a web page, CSS Peeper makes it simple to learn more about it.

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12. EditThisCookie

EditThisCookie Webpage | best Chrome extensions for developers

EditThisCookie can examine and edit the cookies that websites store in their browsers.

  • Users can import cookies from files, export cookies to files, and even exchange cookies with other users using EditThisCookie.
  • Web developers, testers, and anyone else who wants more control over their online privacy and browsing experience will find EditThisCookie useful for managing and manipulating cookies in the Chrome browser.
  • This can be helpful for several things, including managing user privacy preferences, testing website operation, and troubleshooting website issues.

13. Window Resizer

Window Resizer Webpage

Window Resizer is a useful web developer extension for Chrome for designers who want to test their websites and web apps on various screen sizes and resolutions without switching between devices or using complicated testing tools.

  • It is a helpful tool for web designers and developers who need to evaluate how their websites and web applications appear on various screen sizes and resolutions.
  • You can quickly resize your browser window using Window Resizer to standard screen widths like 800×600, 1024×768, and 1280×800, as well as custom sizes.
  • You can do this to see how your website or web application will appear on various computers and mobile devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • This can help evaluate responsive design and layout and see how the website or web application responds to changes in the browser window size.

14. GitZip for github

GitZip Webpage

Using the Chrome extension GitZip, you can obtain files and folders from GitHub repositories without cloning or downloading the complete repository.

  • GitZip allows you to choose the specific files and folders you want to download before creating a zip file that only includes those selected files and folders.
  • The extension includes a button to choose which files and directories to download from the GitHub user interface.
  • If you need to download particular files or folders from a GitHub repository but don’t want to download the whole repository, GitZip can be helpful.
  • Time and bandwidth can be saved this way, particularly if the repository is big.

15. uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin Webpage | best Chrome extensions for developers

For users of Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and other online browsers, uBlock Origin is an open-source and the best Chrome extension for developers that blocks ads.

  • The extension enhances your surfing experience by preventing malware, trackers, pop-ups, and advertisements.
  • It can be set up to enable non-intrusive ads or block ads on particular websites.
  • Advanced features of uBlock Origin also let you allow or block websites, prevent particular scripts, and guard against tracking that invades your privacy.
  • It has a reputation for being both lightweight and resource-friendly and extremely effective.

16. Octotree

OctoTree Webpage

Octotree is an extension that was developed for the users of GitHub. It is considered as best web developer extension for Chrome.

  • Users can quickly browse through the files and folders of a repository using the tree-style file browser it offers for GitHub repositories.
  • The extension adds a sidebar that can be viewed and closed to the GitHub interface.
  • Users of Octotree can rapidly navigate to specific files within a repository, view file names and file extensions, expand and collapse directories, and expand and collapse subdirectories.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are also supported by the extension for quicker browsing.

17. Dark Reader

Dark Reader Webpage | best Chrome extensions for developers

Dark Reader is a helpful tool for web users who prefer a darker color scheme, and it can make websites easier to view and use in dimly lit environments. It is considered as best web developer extension for Chrome.

  • Using a computer or other device in a dark setting can lessen eye strain and extend the battery life of devices with OLED displays.
  • With the Dark Reader application, you can also alter the dark mode’s brightness and contrast and choose which websites it applies to and which ones it ignores.
  • The font can be changed, unique styles can be added, and custom color schemes can be created, among other things.

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18. Grammarly

Grammarly Webpage | best Chrome extensions for developers

The well-known writing helper Grammarly can genuinely help you write better. It is considered the best web developer extension for Chrome. You can obtain and install the Grammarly Chrome extension for free on your Chrome browser.

  • The extension works by instantly examining your writing and making edits to your language, spelling, punctuation, and style.
  • It can assist you in identifying typical mistakes like problems with subject-verb agreement, word choice, and sentence structure.
  • Numerous websites, including Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, are compatible with the Grammarly app.
  • The tool automatically highlights any mistakes in your writing after installation and offers editing suggestions.
  • In addition to the free version, Grammarly also provides a premium version with more sophisticated features like a plagiarism checker, recommendations for vocabulary improvement, and more in-depth writing feedback.

19. Clear Cache

Clear Cache Webpage

Clear Cache is a Chrome extension tool that makes it simple and fast to clear the cache in your browser. Your computer’s cache is a temporary storage area where files and data your web browser commonly access are kept so that pages will load more quickly. The cache may fill up with stale or inaccurate information, resulting in problems like sluggish page loads or errors when attempting to reach specific websites. These problems might be resolved by clearing the cookies.

  • It provides the ability to remove different kinds of temporary files or to clear browsing data.
  • It helps maintain a smooth browsing experience and prevent problems from a cluttered cache.

20. WhatFont

WhatFont Webpage

With the help of the WhatFont web developer extension for Chrome, users can quickly recognize the typefaces used on a website.

  • Once the extension has been installed, it can be used by clicking on the icon in the Chrome toolbar and then hovering over the word you want to recognize on the website.
  • The utility will display the font’s family, size, line height, color, and style after that.
  • Anyone interested in typography, including web designers and coders, can benefit from the WhatFont extension.
  • Designers can more easily recreate similar designs or make sure their designs are consistent with the original by rapidly identifying the fonts used on a webpage.

21. WebPageTest

WebPage Test Webpage | best Chrome extensions for developers

With the help of the WebPage Chrome Extension, you can use your Google Chrome browser to evaluate a website’s performance.

  • The WebPageTest API, a free and open-source tool for evaluating website performance, is the foundation upon which the extension is constructed.
  • You can quickly and easily evaluate the performance of any website you browse using the WebPageTest Chrome Extension.
  • Time to first byte, start render time, and completely loaded time are just a few of the speed metrics for the page that are broken down in detail by the extension.
  • The extension enables you to customize several test parameters.
  • To detect any alterations in website performance over time, you can also run several tests sequentially and compare the findings side by side.

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22. Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE Webpage

Selenium IDE is the next best Chrome extension for developers that automates web browsers to enable users to capture and replay web browser interactions.

  • Selenium IDE’s Chrome extension is a plugin in the Google Chrome web browser.
  • Users can capture and replay web browser activities like button clicks, form filling, and website navigation.
  • The extension provides a straightforward and user-friendly interface for building automated tests for web apps.
  • Users can export their tests in several different computer languages, such as Java, C#, Python, and Ruby.

23. YSlow

YSlow Webpage

YSlow examines websites and makes recommendations for how to make them run faster.

  • YSlow aims to assist website owners and developers in finding and fixing problems that can result in slow page load rates, which can negatively affect user experience and search engine rankings.
  • YSlow examines various web page characteristics, such as the quantity of HTTP queries, caching options, and JavaScript and CSS file sizes.
  • It grades each component of the website and offers detailed suggestions for how to raise it to a higher level of performance.
  • YSlow offers a waterfall chart that illustrates the sequence in which website elements are loaded, which developers can use to locate bottlenecks and speed up loading.

24. Loom

Loom Webpage | best Chrome extensions for developers

A Chrome extension called Loom makes it simple for users to capture and share videos.

  • Users of Loom can record their screen, their webcam, or both and then share the footage with others through a link.
  • Professionals, educators, and Teams frequently use the extension to interact more effectively with distant co-workers or students.
  • Once the video is recorded, it can be shared with others via a link that can be copied and pasted or shared immediately through the Loom extension.

We hope that you were able to find this list of the best Chrome extensions for developers useful. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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