Artifact Launches New Features Including Comments

AI can be an amazing tool, not just a superpowered villain in sci-fi movies, and Artifact just proves it. One of the best AI and machine learning, Artifact uses it to suggest news to its users based on their tastes, preferences, and the content they have already read on the app. What makes it even better are its latest updates. Artifact launches new features, including comments which will improve the user experience and give them the ability to offer their input.

Artifact Launches New Features, Including Comments

Artifact, the personalized news app created by Instagram’s founders, has launched a couple of new features which enable users to comment and engage in conversations around news articles they’re reading on the service. As announced in a blog post by the Artifact Team on April 11th, 2023, the addition of the ability to discuss transforms Artifact from a personalized news reading experience into a social network centered around the news. To leave a comment, users must first create a profile on the platform and verify their phone number.

The introduction of these features brings Artifact in line with other major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With features like:

  • Create a profile – Add a display name, a striking photo, and a brief bio to showcase your online persona. Get ready to express yourself and stand out from the crowd.
  • Comment on any article – With access to comments from any articles, you can jump in and contribute your thoughts, opinions, and insights. Share your knowledge and spark lively discussions with our community.
  • Upvote and downvote – With the upvote and downvote system, you have the power to influence the direction of the discussion.
  • Earn reputation – Your profile reputation grows as you make valuable and insightful comments. With every upvote, your reputation grows, and with every downvote, you learn and improve. Build your online reputation and become an influential voice in the community.
  • Stay connected – Get notified when someone upvotes or replies to your comments and keep tabs on the latest conversations in your network. Stay connected with like-minded individuals and build strong relationships within our community.

Artifact is on the rise, becoming a social media app for news and these features will just strengthen them. As it is with many new companies when they start growing, they either must battle it out with the big sharks, as is the case with Substack, or they get acquired by bigger names like Meta. But Artifact is working hard to stand on its own and make its own space in the market.

Source: Artifact Blog

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