Apple VR headset will Include MagSafe-Style Charging Connector and USB-C Port for Data

In a few months, Apple will be launching a significant product. The business is making its first recent foray into a brand-new category: virtual reality. In 2023, most likely at WWDC, the company will introduce its first mixed-reality headset. The Apple VR headset will include MagSafe-style charging connector and USB-C port for data.

Apple VR headset will Include MagSafe-style Charging Connector and USB-C port for Data

According to Gurman, the headset has two ports: a proprietary magnetic interface for the battery pack attachment and a USB-C port for data transfer. The external battery pack, which is necessary for the headset to work, appears to be similar in size and shape to the MagSafe Battery Pack. It will have a battery life of roughly two hours.

The headset can be lighter by using an external battery pack. The wearer’s comfort should increase as a result. The drawback, of course, is that the user must assume to keep the battery pack in a pocket on their clothing and that a cumbersome wire must protrude from the headset while it is in use.

Hardcore Apple headset users will need to carry numerous battery packs on their person and switch them out in order to enjoy longer augmented reality sessions because the expected power life is just about 2 hours per pack.

According to Gurman, the battery pack and the cable are units that cannot be separated. The round-tipped cable connects to a magnetic connector on the headset, which rotates into position upon insertion to lock into place. This ensures that the cable won’t disconnect while in use.

The headset itself is anticipated to be a high-end device made of materials like glass and carbon fiber, have two 4K displays (one for each eye), about a dozen sensors and cameras to enable fine-grained hand gesture and eye tracking, and be powered by an M2 chip, to recap the most recent rumors.

The product is anticipated to cost roughly $3000 at retail. According to trademark applications, it will be dubbed Apple Reality Pro. Versions that are more reasonably priced are apparently already being worked on for distribution in the next years. On June 5, during Apple’s annual developer conference, the company is anticipated to unveil the smartphone.

Source: Mark Gurman’s Tweet

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