Apple to Launch its Classical Music App

March 28th is the date when Apple is to launch its Apple Music Classical, it is a standalone app that particularizes in the genre. By the end of last year, the company had planned to release a classical-focused app after they received the music service Primephonic in the year 2021. Though it was not released at that point, now this service is going to be launched. Access to Apple Music Classical is covered with a standard Apple Music subscription.

Apple to Launch its Classical Music AppYou can easily and quickly search for any recording in the world’s largest classical music catalog by using Apple Music Classical. The users of this app can listen to their favorite classical music in high audio quality with immersive spatial audio, says Apple. This app would provide various curated playlists, composers’ biographies, exclusive albums, browsing features, etc. As per Apple Music Classical tweet “Introducing Apple Music Classical, the new app designed specifically for classical music. Pre-order today on the App Store.”

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This app would have several spatial audio recordings and it would stream at up to 192 kHz/24-bit hi-res lossless. With Apple Music Classical listeners will be able to look for recordings by catalog number, composer, or work conductor. It will also provide precise and detailed classical metadata like Primephonic. It will not incorporate offline downloads at launch and besides that, there will not be an iPad version of the app.

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The company is doing its best to gradually reduce Spotify’s lead in subscription music. With the launch of this app company tries to attract classical fans. Apple Music Classical is exclusive to iOS, but an Android version will also come soon. Apple Music service is a multi-platform, and Apple Music Classical would be available in the countries where Apple Music is provided but for Korea, China, Japan, and Taiwan it will come later according to the company. Besides that, it will be compatible with iOS 15.4 and newer.

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Source: Apple Classical Music Tweet

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