Apple Releases iOS 16.3 Update Globally

iOS 16.3 featured

Apple has finally released an update to iOS 16 which has been held up in the beta stage for quite some time. This update comes in accordance with Apple’s strict security features. It is likely to fix some of the long-standing bugs faced by iOS 16 users. The iOS 16.3 software update from American multinational technology giant Apple includes new Security keys, bug fixes, and other improvements to lock screen, mail & news. It will also support HomePod (2nd Gen), which will be available for $299 starting February 3rd. Read about globally released iOS 16.3 update by Apple, its features as well as learn how to download it.

Apple Releases iOS 16.3 Update Globally

As part of Apple’s Black Unity Collection, global iOS 16.3 update release features a new iPhone wallpaper. The update adds new ways to use Emergency SOS calls, while also delivering a variety of Black History Month content for Apple TV, Fitness Plus, Music, Maps, Books, Podcasts, and App Store.

Apple iOS 16.3 Update Release Features

Few of the enhancements and features that iOS 16 already brought in but have been improved with Apple iOS 16.3 update released globally include:

  • copy and paste editing,
  • undoing and redoing modifications in Photos,
  • new dictionary tools for bilingual access,
  • foreground blur, and
  • an improved cinematic mode while filming with the camera.

Moreover, in order to reinforce its two-factor authentication, Apple introduced the hardware key function which will enable you to use hardware security keys from other vendors as well.

The highest level of cloud data protection offered by Apple is provided via Advanced Data Protection for iCloud, which uses end-to-end encryption. When iOS 16.2 was released at the end of last year, the functionality was made available to users in the US, but iOS 16.3 makes it available to all users globally for the first time.

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How to Download 1OS 16.3 Update

The latest 16.3 software update will be downloaded and installed automatically on your iPhone if the automatic updates feature is enabled. If not, you can downoad this latest update from Apple by implementing the steps listed below:

1. Open the Settings app.

click on settings 16.3

2. Tap on General.

Tap on General in Iphone settings

3. Select Software Update.

Click on software update 16.3

4. Click on Download and Install to install it on your iPhone.

16.3 update install dialog Apple Releases iOS 16.3 Update Globally

Tip: Users who wish to maintain additional security can choose the optional feature of Security Keys for Apple ID. Only FIDO-certified security keys, such as the YubiKey, are compatible with the new feature, and your Apple ID must be configured for two-factor authentication.

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