Apple New Fix to Stop iPhone Exploit by Hackers

Apple new fix to Stop iPhone exploit by hackers got launched on 13 February 2023. Apple released a new version update of the iPhone and iPad operating systems to address a vulnerability that some malicious hackers were exploiting with ill motives, which is to hack Apple devices.

Apple New Fix for iPhone Exploited by Hackers

Apple stated on its security update page that it is aware of a report that this issue has been actively exploited. This language is used by Apple when someone reports to the company that hackers are exploiting a bug against real-world targets, as opposed to a vulnerability discovered by a researcher in a controlled environment.

In this case, Apple credited Citizen Lab for their assistance as well as an anonymous researcher for the discovery. Citizen Lab is a digital rights research group based at the University of Toronto’s Munk School that is well known for exposing the abuse of government hacking tools such as those manufactured by NSO Group.

The latest flaw was discovered in WebKit, the browser engine used by Apple in Safari, which has previously been subjected to a number of vulnerabilities. Given that it is the best way to access the rest of the device, hackers have always found it relatively easy and profitable to exploit.

According to a Motherboard report from 2021, Apple had to fix seven bugs in the first four months of the year, six of which were in WebKit. Numbers like this demonstrate how vulnerable WebKit is.

Even if you feel that the chances of a zero-day-like attack on your Apple device are low, it is best to upgrade your system and eliminate the possibility entirely.

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Source: Apple Support Page

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