Apple Mac Pro Won’t Support External Graphics Cards

For all Apple lovers, a new version of Macbook is on the way that will finally support Apple Silicon. Almost all of Apple’s Macs use Apple silicon, reducing the company’s reliance on Intel processors. However, there is one last dissenter: the Mac Pro. The current version of Mac Pro was released in 2019 and has seen no substantial improvements since then. However, this bitter-sweet upgrade entails the fact that Apple Mac Pro won’t support external graphics cards anymore.

Apple Mac Pro Wont Support External Graphics Cards

Mark Gurman, Bloomberg’s tech reporter, famous for his reliable Apple projections, has now disclosed a couple of clues about the impending Mac Pro, which could possibly be Apple’s most powerful system to date. According to Gurman, the upcoming Mac Pro version will include various new upgrades over its forerunner, including some chip-level modifications. In a tweet Gurman said, “The next Mac Pro may lack user upgradeable GPUs in addition to non-upgradeable RAM.”

Mark Gurman Tweet |Apple Mac Pro Won't Support External Graphics Cards

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What to Expect in New Mac Pro?

The recent Mac Pro might be customized with one of ten separate graphics cards. Those cards may be swapped out and replaced at any moment due to Apple’s MPX Modules system, which includes a variety of options that slide into ports on the Mac Pro’s motherboard.

The storage is slated to be the only user-upgradable option on the Mac Pro. There is yet no word on how many storage/SSD slots the Mac Pro will have.

In looks, the future Mac Pro will be identical to the existing Mac Pro, but with a larger icon cheese design.

Is it a Wise Decision on Apple’s Part?

Many people have viewed this as a poor decision on Apple’s part in light of these recent developments. There are rumors that the Apple Mac Pro will be pretty expensive. In the next two to three years, those who look for increased GPU performance, might be let down due to this lack of upgradeability.

What After Apple Cancelled M2 Extreme Chip?

The M2 Ultra Processor will be the M2 Extreme’s successor as the company’s most potent custom silicon after Apple discontinued M2 Extreme development. Unfortunately, don’t anticipate that all of these parts will be placed in a whole new chassis, since Mac Pro will reportedly continue to use the same housing as the model that houses Intel’s Xeon CPUs. This implies that it will be even more challenging to move it if you need to make changes to your current workspace.

While the Mac Studio can be equipped with an M1 Ultra processor, the future Mac Pro will have an M2 Ultra processor. Apple Mac Pro won’t support external graphics cards but it should be able to give top performance for an extended amount of time due to the its enhanced cooling technology.

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