Apple Officially Launches Multiview Feature on Apple TV 4K for Sports Fans

Apple has officially launched its highly anticipated Multiview feature for sports fans on the Apple TV 4K, providing viewers with the ability to watch up to four simultaneous streams. This groundbreaking feature, previously available in beta, is set to enhance the sports-watching experience for Apple TV users.

Apple has Officially Launched Multiview Feature for Sports Fans on Apple TV 4K

Limited to Select Sports Content

The multiview feature is currently limited to select sports content, including Major League Soccer matches, Friday Night Baseball games, and specific MLS and MLB live shows, according to Apple.

Multiview Functionality is the Future of TV Streaming Platforms

The introduction of multiview functionality has become a key selling point for TV streaming platforms, and Apple’s move is expected to further solidify the appeal of its Apple TV 4K. YouTube TV, for instance, recently unveiled its own multiview feature, enabling users to stream four separate channels concurrently.

Multiview Customization Options for Users

Apple’s new multiview feature on Apple TV 4K offers users complete customization options, allowing them to choose which games are displayed and how they are presented on the screen.

  • Sports enthusiasts can rearrange games and choose their preferred layout on the screen, whether it’s enlarging one game while keeping others smaller or opting for a two- or four-way split-screen layout.
  • When one game takes priority, the remaining games are conveniently stacked on the right side of the screen.
  • Viewers can easily switch between audio feeds, granting control over the game’s audio and access to the home radio feed for MLS Season Pass.
  • High level of personalization allows users to tailor their viewing experience to their preferences.

Apple has been actively enhancing its TV platform to cater to the needs of sports fans. As part of these efforts, Apple TV+ subscribers can now enjoy Friday Night Baseball at no additional cost. For access to MLS Season Pass, fans have to pay either $12.99 or $14.99 per month, depending on their Apple TV+ subscription status. Non-subscribers can watch a limited number of matches for free, although Friday Night Baseball is no longer available free of charge since earlier this year.

One-Month Free Trial of MLS Season Pass

To coincide with the launch of the multiview feature, Apple is rolling out a one-month free trial of MLS Season Pass. This trial allows users to experience the full capabilities of the new feature without any financial commitment.

Apple’s Commitment to Immersive Sports Viewing

The introduction of the latest multiview update on Apple TV 4K showcases Apple’s dedication to delivering an immersive and captivating sports viewing experience. This innovative feature solidifies Apple’s position as a frontrunner in the sports streaming realm, providing fans with enhanced control and flexibility over their preferred content.

Customization of Viewing Experience

Alongside Major League Soccer matches and Friday Night Baseball games, users can also enjoy live studio shows like MLS 360 and MLB Big Inning, which offer comprehensive analysis and coverage. With the launch of multiview, Apple TV 4K empowers sports enthusiasts to fully customize their viewing experience, whether focusing on a single game or multitasking between multiple matches, setting a new industry standard.

As Apple officially launches the multiview feature on the Apple TV 4K it has elevated sports fans’ enjoyment and provided a more personalized way to consume their favorite content. Also, there is great news for iOS users as OpenAI has launched its official ChatGPT app for mobile devices. Expectations are running high as Apple fans eagerly await the unveiling of exciting new features and updates across Apple’s product lineup at the upcoming WWDC conference.

Source: Apple Newsroom

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