Apple is Expected to Release M3-Equipped iMac this Year

Apple is Expected to Release M3-equipped iMac this year

Apple is Expected to Release M3-equipped iMac this year, according to a report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Although the new iMac is rumored to feature the same 24-inch display size as the earlier model but is anticipated to get released with a more powerful M3 chip made with a 3nm process.

Apple is Expected to Release M3-equipped iMac this year

The new iMac is anticipated to enter mass production for at least three months, Gurman notes, but still could start shipping in the latter half of this year in the identical colorways as its predecessor, including blue, silver, pink, and orange. Gurman stated that iMac is at an advanced stage of development and that Apple’s presently conducting production tests of the machine. This is consistent with past rumors from Gurman, who also suggested that the iMac would debut in 2023.

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Further information provided by Gurman includes the possibility of some internal iMac components being rebuilt and moved as well as a revised manufacturing procedure for attaching the iMac’s stand to the display. An upgrade to the iMac is long overdue. The 2021 model debuts the brand’s own silicon, coupled with a bigger display and a number of fresh colors. In the past two years, Apple hasn’t changed its lineup.

Mark Gurman tweeted “Power On: Apple is readying its next range of Macs, including – finally – a new iMac. Also: new details on the Mac Pro, new 13-inch/15-inch MacBook Airs and the M3 chip.”

Along with a new iMac, Gurman reported that Apple is also getting ready to release a new 15-inch MacBook Air, an updated 13-inch MacBook Air, and a Mac Pro with an M2 Ultra chip. Gurman speculates that considering that Apple recently produced an M2-equipped one, it could make sense for the company to also incorporate an M3 processor in the 13-inch MacBook Air while saving the M2 chip for the bigger 15-inch one.

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Apple is Expected to Release M3-equipped iMac this year and it’s going to be a busy year. At its Worldwide Developers Conference in June, the company plans to unveil its brand-new M3 chip in addition to its eagerly awaited mixed-reality headset.

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