Apple is Considering Higher Model than Pro Max

As per the reports Apple is contemplating raising the cost of its highest iPhone model. So, instead of naming the Pro max model as Ultra. Apple is considering higher model than Pro Max model known as the Ultra model which is a high-end model as soon as 2024 or the iPhone 16 range.

Apple Considering Higher Model than Pro Max

This is claimed by Mark Gurman in his tweet: “Power On: Apple says consumers are willing to “stretch” to get the best iPhone possible. So, the company is working towards an even higher-end Ultra model for as early as 2024 in addition to adding more exclusive features to the Pro Max”

Mark Gurman Tweet

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As per Tim Cook on the results conference call, the average selling price of the iPhone may rise as the users of iPhone are ready to pay more for the best or greatest iPhone.

Apple has gradually raised the cost of its iPhone models which are the highest specified:

  • Starting with $999 iPhone X in 2017.
  • In the year 2018, max screen was added to its range for the buyers who wanted the best and the longest battery life as well as big display, thereby increasing the cost of iPhone to $1099.
  • In iPhone 13 pro 1 TB storage option was introduced, today the best iPhone in the market is costing $1599.

When compared to the less costly iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus models, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models performed well this cycle, and the buyers have indicated that they are ready to spend. The iPhone Ultra model’s starting price would be greater than the iPhone Max model’s $1099 starting price.

According to Gurman, the features and the specifications of Apple considering a higher model than pro max which is the Ultra model is not known yet, but he postulates that better camera, larger screens, and advanced designs of chip. He does not foresee folding form factor would be the differentiator as foldable phones are not what Apple is currently working on. Stay tuned with us for more updates about the launch of Ultra model.

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