Apple Finally Unveils iOS 16.4 with New Emojis, Voice isolation for Calls and More

After numerous iterations of beta testing and a release candidate last week, iOS 16.4 is now open to all users. A day early than we anticipated, Apple finally unveils iOS 16.4 with new emojis, voice isolation for calls and more. This is a significant upgrade for iPhone owners following iOS 16.3. Learn more about the most recent version of iOS, 16.4.

Apple Finally Unveils iOS 16.4 with New Emojis, Voice isolation for Calls & More

Apple was still able to add a lot of new features and adjustments to iOS 16.4 even after three significant updates since the initial release of iOS 16. Yeah, the update has several intriguing features that you’ll really enjoy.

While iOS updates frequently only fix security flaws or tweak minor settings, those that add new emojis or expand functionality are frequently more well-liked by users and have higher download demand. This implies that you might need to wait a little while before installing the most recent update on your device. Here are some significant changes and additions in Ios 16.4.

iOS16.4 update | Apple Finally Unveils iOS 16.4 with New Emojis, Voice isolation for Calls & More

New Emoji

Users will be able to access 31 new emojis with iOS 16.4. (The release notes cite 21 new emoji, but this only has to do with how the variations are counted).

A shaking face, the long-awaited pink heart, two pushing hands, the Wi-Fi symbol, and other symbols, including different animals and objects, are among the new additions. These emojis were authorized by the Unicode consortium last year, and it was reported in February that they would be included in the most recent iOS release.

A folding hand fan, ginger, a pea pod, jellyfish, a moose, a goose, a hair pick, maracas, a flute, and several other objects are also included in the new set.

Voice Isolation

Voice isolation for cellular calls, which will give your voice priority and mute background noise, is another new function. This will result in clearer phone calls because you’ll be able to hear the speaker’s voice and not any background noises, such as other people chatting or ambient noises. For FaceTime calls and other VoIP apps, the feature was already available, but not for cellular (until now).

While on the call, open the Control Center, touch on Mic Mode, then select Voice Isolation from the selection to enable the feature.

Web Push Notifications

Apple had demonstrated a technology that allowed developers to deliver web-based push alerts to end users at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) the previous year. The business released this function for Safari 16.1 along with a macOS Ventura update. Now, it enables iOS developers to notify consumers when they pin a web app to their Home Screen (after requesting permission). Some of the emerging Twitter competitors like Post and T2, which don’t yet have native iOS versions of their apps but nevertheless wish to alert users to key conversations, may find this capability to be instantly helpful.

But it also gives a method for Apple to contradict assertions that its App Store is the only way to reach mobile consumers, which might help it fight off antitrust regulations and other lawsuits.

Home Architecture Upgrade

iOS 16.4 includes the Home architectural change that was removed from the iOS 16.2 version. This is an under-the-hood update of the Home architecture; the Home app itself was updated in an earlier edition.

Podcasts App

The Up Next queue is enhanced in the Podcasts app for iPhone, iPad, and CarPlay, which also adds capabilities like episode filtering and season browsing.

Books Page-turning Animation

After being removed in the first iOS 16 release, the page-turning motion, in which the corner of the page folds up, is now present in Apple Books.

Apple ID for Beta Access

By requiring verification of an Apple ID signed up for either the public beta program or the developer beta program, Apple is cracking down on downloading beta versions through third-party sites and accounts. With iOS 16.4, you will have the option to designate a different Apple ID for beta access from the one used for the device’s other features.

Apple finally unveiled iOS 16.4 with new emojis, voice isolation for calls and more. Here’s is the full iOS 16.4 release notes, from Apple:

  • Expanding support for finding duplicate images and videos in an iCloud Shared Picture Library is the Duplicates album in Photos.
  • With the Weather app, maps with VoiceOver support.
  • Automatic video dimmer for accessibility when strobe or light-flash effects are detected.
  • Indigenous languages like Chickasaw and Choctaw are now supported on the keyboard. Moreover, Apple now supports transliteration on keyboards for Gujarati, Punjabi, and Urdu.
  • Eliminates a bug that could prevent children’s Ask to Purchase requests from showing up on the parent’s smartphone.
  • Resolving the issue where Matter-compatible thermostats could stop working when paired with Apple Home.
  • Optimizations for crash detection on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro versions.
  • Safari 16.4 security fixes.

As Apple switches its attention to iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, software that will be introduced at the Worldwide Developers Conference, which is anticipated in June, iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 may be some of the final upgrades we see to the iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 operating systems.

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