Apple Ecosystem Gets AI with MacGPT and watchGPT Apps

The way people do their jobs is being revolutionized by OpenAI ChatGPT. Integration between ChatGPT and Bing is still an issue with Microsoft for the people who are using Apple. But now users who want to obtain the access of this tool can make use of the two apps as Apple ecosystem gets AI with MacGPT and watchGPT apps.

Apple Ecosystem to Get AI with MacGPT and watchGPT apps

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Jordi Bruin has developed MacGPT. This is an application for macOS that lets people to gain access to ChatGPT from their menu bar easily and quickly. As per the developer, MacGPT loads the ChatGPT chat interface in a web browser.

You can use your OpenAI credentials to log in and next you will have to click on the menu bar icon to begin a discussion or chat. You can also activate the MacGPT by clicking on the gear icon, this is a keyboard shortcut, and this shortcut lets users to activate MacGPT without using their mouse.

If you own an Apple Watch, then you can also make use of watchGPT app developed by Hidde van der Ploeg. With this app, you can easily and quickly access the ChatGPT from the display of your Watch. The key features are as follows:

  • The consequence of your interaction can be shared with others through social media, email and text.
  • You can develop long texts and messages without typing and can get the answers to your queries within a short span of time.


You can gather so much knowledge and information and can interact with computer in real with help of watchGPT.

It is very easy to make use of watchGPT, what you have to do is launch the app and then inquire about your queries or write your message. After you have asked your questions then watchGPT will quickly give you the answers which you can share with other people.

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You can use MacGPT for free, but you can also pay what you think is fair for this application in order to support Bruin’s work. WatchGPT is available for $3.99 on App store.

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